Wickedness In High Places




Jezebel spirit…Deliliah or even Judas? Could it possible that these are spirits at work before the Lord’s return. Seducing spirits, that are not always sexual in nature, but seductive in the fact that they are luring people, even believers, into false doctrine, a return to sinful ways, making them lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God? It certainly is.

Jezebel was of course married to wicked King Ahab and they opposed Elijah. Ahab may have been the king but Jezebel wore the pants in the family. Her name even links her with the worship of Baal, she promoted idolatry. She wanted Elijah gone. She had prophets killed. This demonic spirit did not start with Jezebel, it grabbed hold of her willingly, wicked soul and never let go until the dogs had licked her blood, and she departed for Sheol.

These spirits cannot possess a believer but influence, even oppress. They can cause contempt, greed, ambition and great conflict and division. But there is no reason to fear because the greater on is in us. But we must not be weak or ignorant Christians. Weak only in the sense that He is our strength, in our weakness He is greater.

So there are wicked spirits in high places. We may not even know there names. I said Delilah because like Jezebel, she would be seductive but bent on destruction, she sought the source of Samson’s power but it was not his hair, it was his God and he betrayed his vows. He lost the power to seduction. His lust blinded him in more ways than one.

Another betrayer is Judas, whether he is weak or greedy. We may not know. In the silent version of Cecil B. DeMille’s Ten Commandments made in 1927, a handsome Joseph Schildkraut is driven slowly mad before he betrays the Lord with a kiss. That movie also shows the casting out devils of Mary Magdalene. He does it with only a loving look. While you may not be a fan of silent film as I am, this one is a must see for believers. These things are probably glossed over by some, and many don’t even believe in a heaven or hell but that doesn’t mean it is not true. Just as they don’t believe in God or the devil, it doesn’t mean there is not one.

There is grace but that does not mean everyone will believe or be saved no matter what. Jesus was the only to die for us, making Him the only way, how and when you meet Him will depend the individual. Personally, I want all the help He gives me. If there are evil spirits plotting my demise or downfall in someway. I want to know, because they are bound on earth as in heaven. They do not have any authority over me. Because only Jesus does. He gives us authority over all things, as a believer. And don’t believe that just because women are standing up for themselves as equals, set free by Jesus, that they are the Jezebels, that just isn’t so. Jesus elevated women long before women’s rights, that are not above men but equal to them, and have the authority of Jesus to use His name. Couples were often mention as ministering together with Paul in the New Testament. Sometimes, the woman may be the better speaker. It should not be competition, but Christ.

I know people wonder why God allows things to happen. We still have free will. Adam had authority and gave it to the devil. Jesus took it back and gives it to beleivers. Unfortunately, all are not beleivers and all beleivers are not doers, and these spirits are still in place, keeping drought, famine, war and poverty going on. They are still corrupting leaders and deceiving them, and the people are oppressed. But that does not mean the cries of help will not be heard by the Lord and He can supply help.

A lady who helped free some refugees sent me an e-mail. There was a lady trapped with children and supplies could get to her village, I prayed for angel to assist them. And others agreed. A while later I learned these poor people had managed to survive and finally there was a way for supplies to be dropped in. In spite of whatever regime.

I never wanted to study the occult or anything, truthfully, it scared me. But I have nothing to fear with Jesus and I made Him a promise to be obedient. I still don’t actually study the occult even to know what I’m opposing. The Holy Spirit has to lead and advise on that. Let’s just say He makes us aware without having any interest or desire to pursue the wrong path. It is a wicked and deadly one.

Jesus is more powerful and definitely the way to go. But believers need to aware of wicked spirits and what goes on in spiritual warfare on their behalf. These spirits can be cast out, but often they are taken back, and that makes things worse, so leave these things to those who know what they are dealing with and seek Jesus personally, and take hold of His benefits, He will deliver you of evil. The Lord’s prayer is relevant for everyday.

No Judas, Delilah or Jezebel will prevail when the Prince of Peace is the one in power of your life. And you do not have to worry or fear when He is the one you worship, He cares for you, and gives you His peace. No matter what is going on in the world or the heavens. John 14:27



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