God’s Treasure


I like puzzles, I once drew a treasure map for a little boy to find candy. I like watching the shows where people have antiques appraised or rummage through musty attics and old steamer trunks. I used to walk through antique sales at our old fairgrounds buildings. And a local restaraunt chain is decorated with old black and white photgraphs, there were two I admired, the most adorable couple who still looked like newlyweds and pair of ladies that must have been sisters, I never minded eating there because they were smiling and I would sit and wonder who they really were and hwat they’re lives were like. There was a kindred warmth to people from the past.

I once saw somone match up pictures and letters from family members. And people who have found photos and visited the place and had their pictures made there also or seen how the landscape had changed over the years, where a house once stood or where the ranch was.

I love antiques and treasure and treasure hunting. If someone has a metal detector and gets a hit, it is interesting. The Lord is just as interested in seeing you dig up the treasure of His Word, when some gets a hit or a ping on His plans for them, He get’s excited too, and He wants you to find the motherload.

I watched a show recently about an old west sheriff, who supposedly stole gold. When vigilantes were going to hang him be promised he’d bring them back his weight in gold if they let him go. They didn’t, and people are still looking for the gold. Many people are treasure hunting and have no knowledge what is even in God’s Word. Another man planted a fortune when he thought he was going to die. He didn’t and years later, people are stll seaching for his cache, by solving  a riddle. He is still enjoying life and nobody has cashed in.

The Bible is like that. Jesus is like that, a treasure, a beautifel gem that is to be admired and adored and more than any shiny stone, He is the rock of salvation. He enjoys a good treasure hunt too. He longs to see you yearn for His love and wants to give it to you and to prosper all your ways.

He wants  you active and healthy so that you can explore the Word with others and help them to find Him as their treasure as well.  So let’s lay up treasure in Jesus an let our hearts be there, and if our lives are open to Him, others will be drawn to wells, treasures of salvation. Rebecca Jones



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