Scatter Joy


Scatter joy! I read that on a Pinterest pin. And I really did have joy today and I plan on keeping it. I had been praying for a lot of people with serious illnesses. People I know others have given up on. I had to let go of some of the burden and leave it on Jesus, I and to cast my cares on Him.

I starting sharing pins with others. I put them on group boards, sent them individually. It’s like having a box of cards and mailing them snail mail. Or having a big box of candy and everyone gets a piece but mine is the big one in the center full of caramel, all chewy and gooey. There was spiritual rush, a gush and blush, a spring in my step. I felt prayers were answered.

I rewrote some things I was thinking over and talking over with trusted prayer warriors. I hesitated about offering this joy to one lady who had made a request. Then I noticed her pin on a group board beneath mine and it too, was about joy. Even in her trial, she too was offering up joy. I felt a little foolish and went back and relayed her a joyful message.

Truly, he does not want us in grief, and His joy is our strength. Nehemiah 8:10. The warmth that came through window to wake me before morning broke into a hot summer day was a ray of sunshine waking me from refreshing sleep. I have so studied His rest, was still trying own my own, so exhausted, it was like God was kissing me awake. It was pure joy, and isn’t He our joy and delight.

He gave us His joy and declared that no man could take it. So why do we offer it over, when we are sad or hurt or there is persecution or affliction? We don’t have to! It may  not always be easy to be joyful in everything or to count it so. It is much easier to fall into self pity, hatred or loathing, that’s not Jesus. He gives great and unspeakable joy because He overcame and know we can by faith in Him.

We must find and keep and cling to our joy and stop looking around at others or our circumstances. We should keep looking at Jesus not a broken, bleeding, man on a cross but as our risen Lord and Savior.

How do we scatter joy? Is it like confetti or the fireworks that went off like twinkling stars against the backdrop of night? So we just throw it up in the air and watch it come down? Is it like taking the garden hose and spraying into the air while happy children run under it’s sprinkles Is it sparkly like glitter, the flakes of heavenly gold that used to fall upon some at revival?

Is it laughter? Or some inside family joke that only they are privy to? Is it music filling the air or a song, the good night of sleepy z’s from God? How is joy scattered and how keep it and give it to others?

Joy is always there, because Jesus is. I used to hear Jesus, others, yourself was the way to joy. But even though I did that I was depleted because I wasn’t in His rest, I was trying to do in my strength not His and I had no more joy, it was going right out the door or window. But when I let go a little, trusted Him more, I had His strength back, His joy. And no one is getting it!

I will lean fully into Jesus for His amazing grace and love. I have to look at Him and not me. Then I find myself walking fully in His Spirit, and in the fruit of it. I can sing dance to my own rhythm that both slow and steady, joyful and lively. My cadence is in the joy of the Lord and I have hit my stride.

I can walk in divine health, free of pain, and finding His strength to be mighty in my prayers, it was never about me anyway, but all about Him. I can throw my hands and praises into the air or type my words out over the blog, pin petty pictures and praise phrases all ove the place. And what ever I throw up into the air, comes back as joy.

Love to Jesus goes up, and love from Him comes down. I try, but without Him I am nothing, I don’t want my words or songs to be hollow or tinkling cymbals. You see, I can do nothing own my own, and yet I can scatter joy, because that’s what Jesus does and that’s what He is. Rebecca Jones

  • I actually wrote this after the 4th of July, of the three people I was praying for, all with cancer, all with the possibility of dying, one had a 17 hr. surgery, went home in 9 days, the doctor called it a miracle. One man decided not to seek treatment. I kept interceding, I even encouraged him to change his mind. He went for a biopsy, negative. And the mother of two whose cancer had returned and possibly in her, brain. She had three treatable spots. Yes, He heals and He is good. He is the source of joy! Just keep believing.




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