The Prodigal’s Sister


We all know the story of the Prodigal son. But let’s refresh our memory. The father had two sons and one asked for his inheritence. Really, you would have to die, and then he gets it, so in effect,  the young man wished his father dead. When he got it, he squandered it. There is a line from an old movie. Cabin in the Sky. The demons are plotting how to destroy a man named Joe. After various ideas, they let him win a jackpot. “Give a man money, watch him act funny. “, they laugh and it is true. People often waste and abuse wealth on “riotous living.” Before you starting asking for money, you better know how to spend wisely.

God is the Father, and when the prodigal returns wanting to be a servant, he never let’s him speak. God doesn’t want servants, like we believe. He wants sons and daughters. He wants us to hush up about being just forgiven sinners and worms and wretches. He already knows that and sent Jesus, His Son, to take our place, now we can go home to the Father and be welcomed.

We have a ring, a symbol of eternal love. And a robe of righteousness, and sandals to keep the devil’s dust off our feet, Genesis 3:14, we are shod with the gospel of peace. And our brother is angry. ” Where’s my feast? ” ” I wasn’t bad. ” I worked here with you, I never got a party. ”  To which the Father replies, ” You’ve always had me. ” The prodigal brother could have benefited all along, maybe he’d didn’t ask, he has no need to be angry or jealous, when the Father is  filled with joy over the return of His son, who was dead, spiritually. You can dig a lot out of this parable.

According to Jewish law, the father could have had the boy stoned. He was risking his life by coming home, so he was planning to ask to be a slave. The father who represents God, never gives him a chance but comes running to him, kissing him. Jesus tells great stories. Let’s dig some more, it is also a picture of Jews and Gentiles. We should be provoking the Jewish people to jealousy in a sense to make them want Jesus, whom they had all along. They would be the brother.

Now, as to the prodigal sister, there is no mention of one. But I have to admit it, I have felt like one. I have had the priviledge or the nightmare ( depending on your point of view ) of seeing enough bratty children. They always want what another one has, they don’t really want it but don’t want you to have it. You have three rubber duckies, and brother has one, you want all four. Brother snatches one. Two and two is sharing. tantrums. All the rubber duckies are bye bye. Get the picture?

You can certainly mess up you blessing by being a brat. Believe me, I understand children. I have thrown lots of birthday parties. Young minds don’t always understand why they don’t get a present too. That’s why I would buy, for example, coloring books. Years ago, that would make them happy, along with cake and ice cream and they would be happy that whomever got a big shiny truck or huge baby doll. That’s seems less like the case today. They want it all.

I have seen children go berserk over snacks, toys, who gets to go where, you name it. And I have had to sit home with the ones who can’t go. So prodigal sister pops up. Hey, I’d like to go, but you’ve been bad all day. I’ve seen you at the restaurant. No you’re not getting everything advertised on t.v…” Why? ” I kept one little boy who wrote down all the numbers to commercials for me but he was not asking for the things. He is in college now.

Sometimes, I find myself feeling like or even acting like the prodigal’s sister. Why am I upset? I want to see people saved, healed and delivered. I only want what He wants for me. And truthfully, I’m ashamed that Jesus had to die ffor me to inherit anything, but I’m glad He loves me. I don’t need money, except to use wisely. Or certainly, not ” riotous living “. That’s not me.

But I’d like to go to dinner, but I can’t sometimes. Still I’ve always had my ring, my robe and my Father. He may not have to run to meet me, if I feel like a slave, it’s because I misunderstood. He kisses me everyday with His love and I have always had Him, I’m no longer acting like the prodigal, for I have always been His daughter. And the is a marriage supper coming. Rebecca Jones ….photo credit on Pinterest


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