Give Him Time

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Ever wonder why it appears to take forever for God to answer our prayers? Yeah, me too. Besides the hanging onto faith while someone is in surgery or expecting good reports from bad situations, and those harrowing hours or days or weeks or longer when you just keep hanging on, there are the moments when you feel your head is barely above water, or you are at the end of your rope.

The truth is He answers prayers, and it doesn’t really take that long, the enemy will get in the way. A lot of times we don’t even see how. Sometimes, we even allow it by not recognizing attacks, not being sober and vigilant for the devil is prowling to devour our hopes and dreams, divide our families and friends attack our health and finances. Abraham and Sarah goofed big time, but twenty five years later and one visit from Jesus as the angel of the Lord, and nine months later, Isaac.

That’s why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us in all truth. Has God got a better plan and is just working behind the scenes for us? Or is the enemy devouring our answers? We need to pray again to discover the truth, using your prayer language is helpful if you are in a prayer pickle. Sometimes, I have felt that I could not pray my way out of the proverbial paper bag, but the Holy Spirit changes all that. He really is the only one who prays perfect prayers. Romans 8:26

The devil is a predator type, he will go after weak Christians and they will never know what hit them, in fact, they will likely blame God. It just wasn’t His will or that was for the disciples  and not now. An act of God, some insurance policies say, in reference to storms, but my Lord could just speak His peace to it. And it would be still.

But what if you are praying, fasting, waiting? You really wanted that job, or husband, baby, or you’ve been ill so long and you have believed for health, taken Communion, had people pray for you. Don’t give up. Give Him time.

Ecclesiastes tells us, He makes all things beautiful in His time. And it does says all, not some. It may not work the way we want if we don’t hold on. And it is going to be better than expected if we just give Him time, His time, not my time.

I was never a person to leave and arrive and hour early. It tried to be there right on time. And God knows I’ve been late. I know our thoughts don’t always match up, our ways, and we’re on a different clock because you exist in eternity and step into my life and I don’t always discern seasons  or times, I don’t catch every attack or discern every plan of the enemy, but I seek your face and your timing, Your ways are perfect, and so are your times.

I know you have my best interest at heart and I am keeping faith. Help me see what I should do and when. I am keeping my heart close to you. I know you are giving me you best, and I will give you time. ( Even if it hard to wait. )

Rebecca Jones / Is Kanda pexels / AdobeSpark


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