You’ll Be Amazed!


I started studying healing as a young girl. Maybe, I knew I’d be needing it, or my spirit did by the Holy Spirit, anyway. I saw how Jesus healed people, cast out demons, what appeared to relate to diseases today. When my back hurt, I never got in the prayer line. I believed He would just heal me. I saw people snatch their glasses off but be wearing them the next day. what happened, mischievous teenagers? Or were they healed one minute, not the next?

When I was about twenty four, I had a doctor tell me, ” You know you’ve got scoliosis? ” I reluctantly said. yes. He told me it pushed my heart forward. I went chiropracters, there was no way I wanted surgery. No way. I could not have stood it. And besides, I knew Jesus healed.

There was a lot more time and mistakes made. I heard a well known minister say not to get in the prayer line for bad knees if you were overweight. That was a mistake to listen to on my part. Because we are in Christ, asking what we need and believing, we need to know we are not disqualified. I let that and other things hem me in, instead of touching His hem, I was toughing it out, thinking something was my fault. Jesus never said, ” Lose weight and I ‘ll heal you, or get well first and I’ll touch you. ” He just loved, in fact, He look at people and loved them, amazing. That in itself was healing.

But I had been touched, often as I floundered in faith, knowing but not knowing what was wrong. I believed. Let me assure you, He knows if you believe, He knows every thought and intent. And that healing word is a sharp two edged sword when spoken by a believer and brought to pass by Jesus. He’s not counting you out. Read Isaiah 53, and other verses, He asks the man at the pool of Bethsaida, if he wants to get well. The man’s answer should have been, yes. But he starts talking about the pool and no one to help. And Lazarus, even dead four days, Jesus could call Him forth, notice how they begin to say, if you had been here….He was here now, not even death could resist His word. So does He heal people, yes! Yes, and once again yes!

Immediately? Yes! And from that hour? Yes! And as they went? Yes! And His love is amazing, and you will amazed when you are healed. Healing comes from the inside out, though hands are laid on, oil is anointed on, the Holy Spirit moves on. It springs from your spirit as you receive from the Holy Spirit, the healing Jesus died to give us. It also comes from daily Communion.

You’ll be amazed when you can breathe. You’ll be amazed when you can walk or see or hear. You will be amazed that cancers are gone. Kidneys are functioning, hearts are beating normally and are not enlarged, arteries are not blocked, tumors are gone. You will be amazed when depression lifts and joy returns, when you have a clear way of thinking and are not afraid.

You will amazed when all hope is lost and doctors have given up, the Great Physician doesn’t giive up. God who gave freely His Son, will also give freely. Take the blinders off and be amazed. Remember, when Paul encountered Jesus, he fell of his horse and was blinded temporarily, later he has Ananias pray for the scales to be removed from his eyes. Let’s get the scales off, and off the scales, let the light of Jesus in. God’s Word is true, purified in fire. He swore an oath to Himself, by the body and blood of His Son.

We make mistakes but He doesn’t. He keeps His Word and not one word of it will not come to pass. So what’s stopping it? Maybe, we are. Are we wearing spiritual blinders? Have we seen the light but are sill walking with scales? Are we giving excuses or reasons why we are not being healed? Have we heard something taught and it was what we believed to be true, and then we know it isn’t? You can exercise and diet and take vitamins and still have diseases, die. People who have never smoked get cancer. Sin is not always the cause, either. He even said He could heal and forgive at the same time.

You can use your will and desire healing. I think I literally willed myself well at times trying to have great faith, but it is not about will- power or we would all be thin and healthy, non smokers or drinkers or drug users, but it doesn’t work that way. You need to be willing, yes, but it is not about willpower. It’s about Jesus and what He did.

So take the time to read healing verses, listen to healing music, immerse yourself in His calm and peace and just receive. You will be  amazed, He is willing, He told the leper so, are you? Are you willing to be amazed? Rebecca Jones / pexels


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