Have A Little Talk With Jesus


Ever have one of those days? Yeah, me too. But that’s really when we have to talk to Jesus. I was thinking about old songs and one came to mind, ” Have a Little Talk With Jesus, ” then the next line popped into my head,  it is ” We can tell Him all about our troubles. ”

I thought that’s kind of silly, He already knows. He knows I’ve been struggling, not with faith but at some people’s lack of respect for it. He knows the negatives and the positives, He hears it all. He knows what I say to whom and when and what I say to Him in my quiet, peaceful time. Or even in the night when fear would try to attack.

He knows. So tell Him about my troubles, no. I usually end up telling Him that He is way too good to me, I mess up too much. Too often, and yet He trusts me with so very much. Often I don’t feel like I’m making a difference to those closest to me, in fact, I wonder if I don’t turn them away from God if I insist a little too hard, but I know there has to be a well laid plan at work.

He already knows my body, how I suffered with pain. Why tell Him that? Look at the pain He suffered. He knows I have need of things, I don’t have to give Him a grocery list or even a honey do one. I think He made it plain that He would supply all my needs.

So when I have a little talk with Jesus, I tell Him about how I hate that He had to die for me. I tell Him about little things that mean a lot to me. I thank Him for working healing into my body and soul. I thank for lining things up for me. For the good gifts, I have received and have yet to.

I thanks Him for angels at work for me. For the scores of winged messengers that are out and about on my behalf and that of others. I thank Him for being my strength, when I am weak, and for making me strong in Him. I thank Him for that covenant love, that is like the three fold cord, never easily broken.

I thank Him for His peace, that I never even knew existed at this level, for being my joy. I thank Him for wonderl memories but that I am able to forget the past and all things are new in Him. For making braver than I thought when love was my weapon of choice, it brought down and slew the dragons of fear.

So have a little talk with Jesus, the song says the little prayer wheel is turning, He hears the faintest cry, answers by and by and that a just little talk with with Jesus makes it right.  But let’s stop telling Him all about our problems, it is not about us, not about our circumstances or situations. It’s all all about Him.

He filled my heart with love and wrote my name above. It’s all about you, Lord. It’s all about you Jesus, and just a little talk with Jesus makes it right. Rebecca Jones





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