Is There A Plan B?


Most of us have plans. God has better ones. Even if we follow what we believe, our faith. We may not want what God wants as much as He wants to give it. Seriously. God is omnipotent, all knowing and everpresent. He had to have known that Adam and Eve would mess up, still He gave them the choice. Fear kept them from repenting, it was something they had never experienced, they had no idea what they had unleashed. You may think things are bad in the world, but the Holy Spirit restrains so much and the believer’s prayers. You would not want to be here in the Tribulation.

But the Lord had a plan, was it plan B? But there may have been only the one plan all along. Jesus coming to redeem us all from hell with the plan of salvation if we accept Him as Lord. Jeremiah tells us He has plans for us to hive us a hope and future. That future is only achieved through Christ.

And after Jesus came, we heard the good news of the gospel, we were supposed to preach, teach and share it with the world. We can do that by living exemplary lives before our fellow man. I can tell you though that a strong faith and rich prayer live can knock the enemy for a loop and send him reeling. You are also a target.  Oh yes, you can believe it, satan comes ” immediately ” for the word sown in our hearts? How?

Cares of the world. You know, everday stuff. Things we have to do. Lust for other things, not just lust, but wanting to things that are not having to do with Christ. Deceitfulness of riches, being rich and greedy or poor and proud of it, are on both ends of the scale. God wants us to have wealth both spiritual and financial to establish His gospel, He gets the glory. Persecution and affliction. We are all persecuted for our faith in some way, and that’s to be expected, though we in America are in no way persecuted like those abroad. And affliction can have to do with illness or oppression.

Being practical, we might all have a Plan B. You know how you have to rehearse fire drills and have a secondary escape route.  You may have a back up plan to pick up the children from school, a savings account. An alternative route or another plan for a trip. There’s nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with a Plan B, in some instances.

Personally, I believe God chases after us with blessings and more often that not the devil has things scrambled into our lives so that we miss them, by worrying or being afraid, or just too wrapped up in other things. In my case, I was busy trying help other people and neglecting my own life. I was chasing plan B, but God had given me A. I didn’t even know it.

Does God have a plan B? I heard the Lord has no plan B…well, maybe not. Why would He need one, He doesn’t make mistakes in the first place, we do. He sent Jesus and that was sufficient. But He does try to draw us closer to Him, and His ways are not like ours, His thoughts are much higher. Even if the plan of salvation works, and we accept plan A.  Jesus. He probably chases after us to reveal those plans. Remember, the devil will chase you to kill, steal and destroy. John 10:10, so why wouldn’t a Lord who loves you chase you to bless you and protect you from the evil one?  He wants you to have life and life more abundantly.

So maybe, He does have a plan B, C, D…..but just trying to chase you down, pick you up, kiss you with His peace and bless you with life more abundantly. Don’t settle for second best, it’s way less than what God wants for you. Rebecca Jones


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