Rebuke The Devourer


Malachi 3:11 talks about how the Lord will rebuke the devourer for our sakes. Of course, the previous verses speak of bringing the tithes into the storehouse. It ties in with restoration,  how crops will not fail, and barns will be stored up. The years that canker worm has eaten up, we are familiar with that.

It also talks about robbing God, and asks how a man can do it. We know that in the Old Testament times. people were required to pay tithes, such as Abraham to Melchizedek. I believe he could have been a pre-incarnate Christ. For God to bless them they had to keep the law, make offerings and pay tithes.

Fast forward to Jesus, He fulfilled the law and the prophets, He was the perfect offering, sin, grain, even burnt. And He is our High Priest or Melchizedek. He drove the robbers from the temple, the Holy Spirit in us drives them from us. The fact is that Jesus ushered in the message of grace and truth. He is both.

If we love Him we will keep His commandment to love. Our offerings are those of praise. We are a living sacrifice that He redeemed. And He can bless us, however He chooses, and we in turn should be willing to give back to them. So you see, certain conditions had to be met because of the law, in order for God to rebuke the devourer. But Jesus met the condtions for us at the cross, and it is He who rebukes the devourer for our sake now. 1 Peter 5:8, also refers to the devil as the devourer, and tells us to be sober and vigilant, for he prowls, seeking whom he will devour. We can rebuke him also in Jesus.

Truly, Jesus allowed Himself to be devoured in our place. It was for us, the children of God that He tasted death. He thoroughly defeated the devil, forever. I am not suggest that you not pay tithes or give offerings. But you know as well as I that many ministries send out monthly letters, ask for certain amounts, even phone. And I know not everyone can give, or as much as they’d like. Some may give expecting to receive and still not because of not understanding certain principals.

I studied sowing and reaping, giving and receiving, the pressed down, shaken together, how men give into your bosom. And I still never had any money. And often, I handed over my last couple of dollars. I felt bad that I did not pay tithes, or send more offerings, I was doing what I could. But I don’t think I was robbing God, but I was robbing Jesus of the ability to give me His blessings and He knew I would give in return. You see, He was my offering, and I needed Him more than anything and still do.

So as I  write this tonight, I hope you rethink this as well, I give Him my praise and offer my thanksgiving, and what He gives me I will use for His glory. And it is my prayer, for I can do nothing without Him, that for my sake He begins to rebuke the devourer. Rebecca Jones

 Please also read Bound on Earth.


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