Fresh Wind, Fresh Breeze


There was joy stirring in the morning, the sunlight slid through the blinds. I had already posted Fresh Fire, it was something I felt I needed and I sensed others did too as prayer warriors started falling into illness and trial, I sought the Lord. There was a differnce in the air a joy after much prayer, even and earlier fast.

The wind blows and comes and goes where it will, and you can’t always see it but it is there. the same is true of the Holy Spirit. He is there, but you don’t always see His work. I heard it was to be viewed this way. With all the bad in the world, there is so much more good. For all who do not die, how many are healed. It’s not the proverbial half full or empty glass theory, not just positive thinking. It is faith. The devil is not equal in any way. For all the plane crashes, how many more do not.

God is still in control, His Spirit is here in us and among us. He is working through us and for us and our prayers are being answered.  That is why many of us are under attack. Why we have been burdened to pray, and our obedience pays off because we know if we are under attack, we are making a difference somewhere. We are being used mightily by God.

We all go through seasons and times, it is the way it works in the Bible. We are perhaps, in a season of change. But it is not a time to ” faint ” or quit. No, wait, expect a fresh wind, a fresh breeze that will, when inhaled, be as the very breath of God breathing life back into our souls. Souls who wandered and wondered but kept the faith and perservered.

What is this fresh wind? The fresh breeze? It is or course, the anointing of the Holy Spirit. It breaks the yoke of bondage, whatever it may be. We are yoked to Christ and together we make quite a team, he will keep us moving forward and in line for blessings. Because we seek the Lord, He rewards faith.

You may feel the wind, the real one and the Spirit. He can sweep across your feet and pour upon your head, inside He flows like liquid. Thick and rich, pure light. There is no darkness in Him. He will never leave you. He cannot deceive. Trust Jesus and rest, pray from His rest and beleive that there is a fresh start ahead.

You are loved. You have loved. You have been praying and been prayed for. The breeze is blowing toward you,receive the love He would give you. His joy, His peace, your miracle. Receive, by faith that what He promised, He is willing and able to deliver. There is a fresh new day everyday and today may be yours.

May the fresh wind and fresh breeze of His precious Holy Spirit find it’s way to your heart and soul in the coming days, for He loves us so. We are the beloved of God and His Spirit will be pour out in the days days. There is joy in the air, freedom in the air, a renewal of youth in the air.

Jesus breathed upon His disciples, may He breath upon us, until we see Him face to face forever. His breath of life is a fresh win and a fresh breeze, always keeping His covenant of love, as He anoints, blesses and baptizes with fire. May He breathe fresh wind and breezes of joy upon us all. Rebecca Jones


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