Reaping the Whirlwind


Mark 11:23 tells us that we can have whatever we ask of Him if we believe we receive,  when we pray and do not doubt in our hearts, we will have what we say. I can’t begin to tell you how much that Scripture alone has caused me trouble. I prayed it a long time ago, and when I did not receive, I thought I had done something wrong.

It wasn’t until much later that I realized He answered that prayer and others. I prayed aloud, in Jesus name and once I was looking at that verse, even had the Bible open. But  I didn’t know how faith worked. I didn’t know anything about spiritual gifts. For a long time I felt as if something had just died in me. I was having major headaches and other trials.

We have the gift of language and we can use it wisely and in faith or carelessly, let our faith, what we believe in and pray for, drift across our lips and fall upon the ground not convinced He hears or answers our prayers, that we are not good enough He’s punishing us and teaching us a lesson. Maybe, we don’t deserve it, we are unworthy, He only heals some not others, all of which is wrong.

” Oh, you’re one of those charismatics. ” ” Blasphemy. ” I was even accused, falsely, of witchcraft or following a cult. These things hurt, they cut deeply on top of not having they prayer answered although it was. Make no mistake the devil will blindside you with accusations, if not in your own thought life, through others, even other Christians who do not understand, do not care to understand and may never understand. There are  Christians who refuse to admit, jealousy, fear or just that they could be wrong.

I am none of these, I know I’m wrong a lot of times. But as to faith and what the Lord is guiding me on, no. I’m never wrong because He is not. If I’m not listening to the still, small voice, or sometimes tougher when when I need to calm down. I don’t even consider myself a charismatic because, I’m not hung upon ever word I say, I can talk about anything to anyone, I can share my faith or not. I prefer to be asked. I don’t just start laying hands on people, although I do operate in spiritual gifts.

We do have what we say and language creates our lives. We can choose to believe God’s Word that he hears and answers and that there is an enemy against believers. we can bring our thoughts into Christ’s obedience, for we are no where near as obedient, And we can receive. We can bless or  curse with words. Foul language and coarse jesting filling the air may amuse the masses but a believer has the ability to speak life and health in Christ, and an obligation to do so in obedience to Him.

We may not be able to tame our tongues but we must be willing to want it tamed by God. He must subject ourselves to Him, He desires to show love and mercy, grace and peace and wants to prosper and bless His children.

So be conscious of what you say speak life, not death and fear, anger and certainly not unbelief. There are to many beautiful words, poems and books. I know that may not appeal to everyone, but there will be something that will. I want people to be able to read, I am sorry for those who struggle, never had the opportunity to learn, and those who would throw the chance away, you don’t deserve pity.

But believers don’t need pity for even a plumber from England with a 3rd grade education bcame a great minister and learned to read the Bible taught by the Lord, so devout tht he would not even allow newspaper in his house, this man is credited with raising the dead. ( Smith Wigglesworth )

We may not be able to avoid everything but there are a lot of things we can cut, especially, social media. I’d like to be everyone’s friend, though it would be nice, and Jesus wants us to be friends, He called people friends even before they came to know Him, it is nor realisitic.  And if being a friend to Jesus costs friends, they were not real anyway, and if it is that they were not ready to receive and preferred listening to the enemy’s deception, pray for them, ad move on.

The Lord is about perception, not deception. The fact is He answers believer’s prayers. Why would He not want to to good things for you? We are good enough, not because of us, because of Him. He teaches us lessons even in trial, but He took our punishment in Isaiah 53. No, we don’t deserve it, that’s why it i grace. We’re not worthy, His death made us worthy and righteous, we could never be otherwise. Witchcraft is rebellion, stubbornness, foolish pride and attemptng to control another, even prayers should be worded so as not to be controlling. It is also tied to drug use. And blasphemy related to those at the time he spoke of it, and I would not dare say anything against Him, would you? If you don’t know or understand, just be quiet.

Words created the world, and we can sow our words wisely or shout them foolishly on the wind, you can so the wind and reap a whirlwind, or hope to be caught in the wind of the Spirit. Rebecca Jones


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