A Simple Twist of Faith



Most things in life should be simple, right? You work or go to school. You made dinner. You sleep. You visit family and friends. You love people they love you. You help your neighbors and they help you. That’s not always the case though, is it?

Life used to be simpler, times simpler. It is the people who have changed and yet, that is not entirely true. There have always been wicked people. In Bible times, there were evil people, cruel people. Science would have us believe in neanderthals but there was a time about the after the fall, that there were human beings without conscience.

Noah found grace. And after the Flood, there came others, also wicked. God repented of making men but He kept His covenant. He’s the only one who could and be just. That is, until Jesus came, Jesus came, as the second Adam, He restored man’s relationship with God, and there was no need for sacrifices, but He was not accepted as Messiah.

On through times there were wicked people, all through the ages. Most of the masses were unlearned and trusted the priests and bishops,vicars of the day. Many of the church officials had also been corrupted. There are still those who profess Christ and deny the power. and unfortunately, there are those who abuse their authority.

I have seen people turn and deny their faith when hit with adversity. I have seen people give up and deny the healing power of God.  I suppose some people are tired of fighting, I was there, I’m still there and I know I’m working on things I still have to accomplish. I know you get weary are in pain, but don’t give up or in..

A simple twist of faith,  the twist of faith that was wicked. That’s what wicked means, twisted. The Spirit of a man or woman is the candle of the Lord, it says in Proverbs. The Proverbs also tell how people become wicked.

All you have to be is against God, the nature of  God, the things of God. We should abhor evil, shun the very appearance of it and seek to be delivered or it . It’s easy to snuff out a candle and extinguish the flame.

It is harder to silence the love of God, to quench the love of Jesus. It is even harder to put out the flame or fire of a heart that is on fire for God. It that  my faith stays simple and He will keep answering me.

Lord keep my flame alive and don’t let my vision die in a twist of faith. the enemy takes aim at me and in like a flood comes the Holy Spirit whom I will not quench and let His water put out enemy fire.

Like Elijah of old, though even he suffered depression, I can call fire from heaven in Jesus name and it will rain down on the devil’s schemes. I may not be literally on Mt. Carmel and there may not be anything but a spiritual Jezebel, or whatever spirit, the Lord knows, and greater is he that is in me, I count on that.

I see the flicker, the flame, in this little light of mine, don’t let satan snuff you out our turn your heart ot unbelief. Don’t let him keep you wavering, twisting in the wind. Pretzels are twisted, yummy little goodies. And originally, they were folded in three’s, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, they are hard to diminish. Rebecca Jones


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