Be Kind To Yourself



I have found out recently what I should have and really probably knew years ago, that I wasn’t taking care of myself. Oh, I thought it was the usual things. People will never let you forget those, the number that spins off the scale while someone worries about ten pounds, which I realize, is a problem to them, because it’s on their minds.

But that’s the problem, it’s not the weight, it’s the worry of how others will look at you. It’s the wait, for prayers to be answered. When our problems are our focus, Jesus isn’t.  Did you know God calls things to be as though they are not? Romans 4:17 He calls dead things to life. As a believer, He calls you to life in Christ, abundant and new life.

The problem is though we are forgiven we still see things the same way as the world does if we are not led by and walk in the Spirit. I used to try to do things backwards, just to have faith. I could feel horrible and say I was fine and that was not good. I needed prayer and rest but often I would go on doing for others trying to serve Jesus and wait on Him to answer prayer.

I didn’t understand how God looks at things. I needed to scope out His point of view. I had to learn about spiritual gifts. He is a Spirit and looks at things from a spiritual and just stand point. Jesus saves and sanctifies us makes us just and righteous, we can go to God anytime through the veil of His flesh given for us, He is the advocate, mediator and atonement. We are what we are because of Him. It’s all about Jesus.

I know people are starting to pick on a grace message but that’s alright because the Bible defends itself, I don’t have to.  No, it’s not a gift to be squandered, or abused. It gives you no right to keep sinning but a way out if you do or need to break free of something.

People judge for a lot of reasons, weight and looks are but a couple, money, status quo, tolerance. God judges the heart, the spirit that the Holy Spirit resides in. He knows the intent of the heart and if you love is sincere or not. If you are just trying to get Him to  to do something, begging, making false vows, He knows that and you cannot hide sin from the one whose blood covers it.

But Jesus loves you. Read what He says about you. He wants you to rest and not worry, to spend time with Him. To think about Him. To love Him. He knows what you need. He knows what you want. And if you are a believer, and seek Him, they will be the same things He wants for you. He gave you the desires of your heart and His, have you followed them or were you talked into something you didn’t really choose?

I’m not telling you to get rid of your husband or family. I mean, the dream you have, is it dormant? Is it dead? God can and will revive it and you. He placed gifts and talents in us all and if we are not doing what we should be, it can make us feel like a doormat. And we let people walk all over us in the process. Did someone laugh at you? Sarah laugh but had her child.

Get some rest, sleep. I know you have to cook and clean. But you are worth it to God. You are beloved. Don’t get up early and stay up late. Rest, sleep, pray. Psalm 127:2. I know there a movie I, Eat, Pray, Love. That is not the same thing as I’m speaking of. I don’t know exactly her situation, but divorce is not just the first thing on the table because you aren’t happy with things. To me that is a much deeper topic. Another post.

Jesus wants us to take care of ourselves. Mentally, physically, and spiritually. But you know what? He wants to take care of you. And it’s not important what people say or think, it is important what He says and thinks and He loves you.

It is not New Age or nonsense. The Lord who died for you loves you. Don’t keep blaming, shaming or hating yourself. Don’t count yourself out. Don’t work yourself to death or cut your life short with alcohol and drugs. You can’t self medicate, eat yourself happy or even find it affairs.

Your self worth is in Jesus. Start to look at yourself the way He sees you. He loves you if you are believer in Him. He is your joy and peace. Look at yourself the way He sees you, and be kind to yourself. Rebecca Jones



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