Give Yourself A Break


Do you need a break? Sure, everyone stands around the water cooler. Gets a mid morning cuppa Joe or me I keep my Coke Zero handy by the computer. Even if I wake up, there’s sip left. And I get right to e-mails and start to come up with ideas. My coke is stale in the morning but I might take a swallow and grab a protein bar and dive right in. Some time later, my dog wants to be fed and there’s the never ending housework and dinner to get ready.

Family members scatter, I have a menagerie at the moment. And it does look like a zoo as we scurry through the day. Paths get crossed, mixed messages. Take this one here, call that place.  Get this prescription filled, drop off and pick up. Your family runs the same way, and whether you work from home, run your own business or a part of the rat race, let me tell you, most people are sleep deprived and some over or self medicated and why? They need a break.

Give yourself a break. Jesus is not about condemnation. Don’t lie about a sick day but if you have time off, take it. Things will survive without you. Got teenagers, you may not want to leave them alone for the weekend but find someone trustworthy for you to enjoy a weekend getaway and still have a house to come home to. And make plans, pack in advance. Don’t arrive tired and get home tired. It you drive, join another couple and take turns, work it out so your break isn’t work. And leave your work,

Cell phones and tablets are wonderful inventions but not if they keep you up at night. ( Like me. ) It’s just so quiet around here at 1 a.m., the words pour out onto the typewriter as opposed to noise and chatter and the dryer running and there’s a rock in it.  This is when you can’t hear yourself think. Television reruns are going and you know them by heart.

I reported my first telemarketer to the FCC and FTC lask week. Twelve calls in three hours! Yeah! And I warned him. After politely asking to be removed from the list. It was empowering, I felt like I had just arrested a master criminal or something. I have had to literally go stand beside the trash can, not the thing to do in summer, and breathe the cool night air or watch the stars. Sometimes, taking garbage out, I see amazing sunsets. Any little blessing you notice is a break.

Everyone needs a break from their family. The  children need to sleep over at a friend’s, so mother and  father have a date night. And pops should take the family to the park, while mama has a spa or shopping day. And give hubby a fishing day.   There’s should aslo be family meetings and one night for dinner or pizza and a movie.

There are lots of things we can cut to be together and apart for a while. I have lots of interests. Some get only a few minutes now and then. Others involve writing or working on something I hope to publish. And I make sure I sleep. I manage to minister to  women mainly but to lots of people and I get loads of prayer requests.

Jesus does not want us stressed out, but resting in Him. He doesn’t want us to be frustrated but fruitful. And not to be either lazy or overworked but knowing He paid a great price for these lives we live and our souls. He corrects us, and connects with us by His Spirit, and often it’s really ourselves that are too had on us. So, give yourself a break. Rebecca Jones




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