A Heart Like Jesus

Having a heart like Jesus is something we should all aspire to. We should be able to empathize and sympathize and to know the passion that He knew. We should be ready with our words of kindness and love. We should extend the hand to the poor, feed the hungry. And even cast out the devil and heal the sick. It takes true love to do that, pure love, holy love.

Most of us operate in the natural, and not the supernatural. Though it may come and go in our lives, we do not always walk in the Spirit, under the anointing that Jesus did.. Though He gives us the Holy Spirit at salvation, there is a further baptism and gifts, and we are to follow love, Jesus, and desire them. I used to read 1 Corinthians 13 and I thought about it . I know we are taught to put our name in. Becky suffers long and is kind….

But lately as I read, I know that I know His suffering, but He intended me to have life and joy, not one of misery and suffering. Jesus is talking about Himself here. Though we are to emulate this passage it is apparent. Though I give my body to be burned, Jesus was a sacrifice and a burnt offering, He went to hell and took the keys. He did it to free us. We will know suffering but suffered so we would not have to and that is love.

We need to walk in the Spirit, expect the divine and the supernatural to move on our behalf. Jesus heart was broken for us. Look at how He wept over Jerusalem. Don’t your think He has shed tears for us? We are part of the jpy He looked forward tofrom the cross. he endured agony for us.

I just wanted you to know that Paul’s Love Chapter is Jesus personified. And further on in the New Testament we are told to be tender hearted over and over again. Jesus was and is love, the Son of God. He was mercy, compassion and grace, and He knew when to walk away from those who rail against Him. You wouldn’t think love would cause so much trouble, but it does.

The rulers of Jesus day would not have wanted everyone to follow Him or they would lose their power. There is the love of money aspect also, the root of evil, not money or power itself used wisely. If cruel, evil people, start to love, then the devil loses power, money is spent on good things not bad. Jesus has a hand in everything if people follow His heart of love. He softens it tenderly, sprinkles it with joy and grace. And it will break very easily.

Proverbs tells us to guard our heart. And we should, for if a heart of love gets broken or stays in perpetual grief or sadness, it is enough to make ill or even kill a soul tht God loves. Never intended that we be broken. He sent Jesus to broken for us. We love Him because he so loved us, even when we didn’t know Him or know we needed Him. He love us.

And He sends us the Holy Spirit. The Comforter to rest on us and be our peace. And from Old Testament to New, even though guarding our hearts is our responsibility too. It is now that of the Spirit, for He will give you the peace that passes all understanding to guard our hearts and minds. It’s not about us, but Him. Not about or efforts or struggle to be a good Christian. It’s all about Jesus and His complete work on the cross that allows us to lay down our burden and let our hearts rest.

To know Jesus is to know this heart. Who wouldn’t want a heart like Jesus? Those who do not care, will not step out of their comfort zone, who are unwilling to bridle their tongues and rent of their wickedness. There are some who use the name of Christian, but they do not have the heart of Christ. So I guess that’s why we can be referred to as believers.

Though I have known lonliness, pain and yes, grief and suffering. I would rather have my heart like Jesus than anything else, because I know love, true and lasting love, grace and forgiveness, joy and the peace like no other. I can rest in Him, now and I don’t struggle with my faith or even have to explain it or defend it it. It defends me.

I pray for the broken hearted, He is close to you and you to Him. You don’t have to suffer because He did. Let Him heal your heart like Jesus. Rebeca Jones


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