Cleansing the Temple


Then He taught, saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’? But you have made it a ‘den of thieves’.” Mark 11:17

Jesus went after the merchants who were there selling doves and such for sacrifrice. Unscrupulous men were taking advantage of those going to the temple. In much the same way, the devil takes advantage of those of us who serve the Lord. We are to be sober and vigilant and realize that he is a liar and a thief.

And he works against us in areas that we are weak or sensitive to, always knowing where to strike. The venomous of vipers of doubt, fear, lies, sickness, pain, injustices, are the robbers and thieves, he is behind many schemes. Sometimes, though, it is just the people who serve him causing the ruckus. And unfortunately, Christians, will loan him their  tongues, either out of ignorance, natural or spiritual, or even unwittingly. It is incumbant on a believer to be sensitive to the gifts of the Spirit. And then you will be sensitive to others, and the devil will have to go.

Rest assuredly, the devil is not under every rock, behind every bush. And he most certainly is not God’s equal in the opposite way. Far from it! So, you see how foolish it is to let him gain toe holds, foot holds and strong holds in our lives. Sin that is not dealt with, or continuing a willingly sinful lifestyle will not get you anywhere. God knows our hearts though and He is merciful and loving and anxious to help us overcome if we heed His words.

I used to be the one concerned about wat the devil was up to, why was everything so hard for me. I had an enemy. There were times I didn’t take him seriously enough, there were times I overestimated him. Truthfully, I was limiting God with my trying to have enormous faith, I had to let God be God. I was speaking to mountains, instead of moving, they appeared to be caving in on me like an avalanche. Let’s check out why.

Before Jesus cleansed the temple, he had cursed a fig tree that had no fruit when he was hungry. The tree did not dry up as quickly as it should have, He went to the temple, turned of tables and got really and righteously angry. And this was the way to be angry and not sin. The Lord dealt with me about getting angry recently. I was getting mad at people instead of the enemy.  And then the Lord was not happy with me, so I reined that in. So please believe me, I try to make these posts easy to understand and hope you will benefit from my mistakes. So learn things I had to learn the hard way,  is not pretty!

Today, we are the temple, the Holy Spirit rests and resides in us on the mercy seat of our heart as a believer, and Jesus is our High Priest. Remember, in Jesus day, the High Priest still went in once a year. Jesus crucifixion changed all that, forever. Now, we can speak to circumstances, ask in His name and see results, and they are not always immediate, but the answers don’t have to take forever, either. Those mountains should move.

Prayer is powerful! Why? Because Jesus is! If we are to pray powerfully, we are to be in submission to our Lord and obey Him. Not out of fear, although He can be a little intimidating because He is so awesome, that is how the Bible refers to fearing Him, respect, healthy, holy reverence and respect. So, we allow Jesus to cleanse our temple.

I used to be so bombarded by those, ” drink lots of water “,  ” exercise “, ” vitamin “,  ” whole food “, health nut people. Pardon the expression. If you are active, healthy and can eat that, good for you. But don’t count on it being the answer to your prayer life. I know people who would not eat certain things and they are still oppressed. People still die young and don’t have to.

The Lord cleanses our temple, by giving us a prayer language, the gift of tongues. Ask for the gift, it is powerful. Be sure to pray that way as often as you need to because the Lord know what we are dealing with and He wants to deliver you. He desires you to be free of sickness and disease, to prosper as your soul does.

When you pray in the Spirit, Jesus gets the perfect prayer and He will begin to move for you. He is for you not against you. So receive freely His spiritual gifts and learn to walk in them. The Holy Spirit is your best teacher. God bless you to day as you cleanse your temple. Rebecca Jones


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