Fresh Fire, Fresh Flame


Like everything in life, the faith walk is repetetive and we tend to fall prey to the old way of thinking . ” I already know that. ” ” I’ve read that passage a dozen times. ” But did you know that that is a trap? Because God exists outside of time, He sees past, present and future. The Holy Spirit can give us insight, especially praying in the Spirit. He will, as it says in John 15, be there to ” show us things to come. ” And He will always be right. That is prophetic. Not fortune telling.

And if someone has prophesied over you, you should be claiming that promise. Giving thanks, humbling yourself before God. Things that don’t come to pass are not because it is not God’s will, healing, marriage, children, promotions. It is often the result of not rightly dividing the word, fear, doubt and unbelief, all the thieves of the soul and best God has to offer His children.

So because we live in chronological time and get bogged down with housework, homework, and work- work, God asks us for a set aside time of quiet, quality time, to be spent in prayer with Him. He wants us to pray as often as necessary also. But we need that time in our  ” secret place ” or  ” prayer closet “. You will find that place in you home. And also in your soul. If you were with me and I started to get a look like I’m not paying attention or even bored, I can hear you but I will find myself drifting into prayerfeul thought. If you read this blog at all, you know I think deep thoughts.

God knows us as humans, He created our of time. And our seasons. Day and niight were once twelve hours. Is it any wonder we are sleep deprived? We have too much stimulation, even though we may not use all of our brain’s potential, our brain needs sleep to heal. I have prayed for a minister who had a stroke. He’s going home, with little damage. His daughter posted that he was sleeping a lot and it caused him to heal, that his stroke was light and in the best part of the brain to have one, when one vein was blocked another took over. This is a blessing, not to be brain damaged or paralyzed.

While we may not all have had strokes or other health problems. We all deal with children, bosses, crankyor even mean people on a daily basis. And worse, we are entertained by violence and immorality and 24 hr. news cycles and constant tweeting and facebooking. I stay on Pinterest or blog too late. I get woken up to early. While I can sleep 12 hrs. with ease, and I think I could do it everyday, it is not practical. But now and then, it is a good idea. Or even an nap and I still get things done.

I have cut out a lot in my in order keep healing coming through from the Holy Spirit. I will do what it take to keep that anointing fresh. I can’t always immerse myself in a service, or have people lay hands on me or but I can accept that fresh fire, the fresh flame that Paul reminded Timothy to do. Stir that gift within you. Do what you need to.  Get into His cycle of life and out of the one that brings fear, torment,and death.

Jesus died for us to be free. So let’s receive that fresh fire. The is a flicker, an ember and it has to brfanned by a bellows. To start a fire again, it has to be blown up or stirred up. the same is true of God’s flame or fire. So I ask the Holy Spirit to blow over us, put us in a place to receive a fresh fire and flame and rest in Him.

And remember, we have all have traumatic experiences, whether from childhood, divorce, job loss, the death of a spouse or loved one. We have all had headaches, heartaches and missed opportunities. We have all failed, felt guilt, shame or sorrow. Jesus bore it all for believers, He was acquainted  with giref and warns us not to grieve the Holy Spirit. So let’s rest, sleep, heal and enjoy the gifts of our Lord, we are not perfect but His sacrifice was and His Spirit is. Rebecca Jones


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