When God Breaks Into Your House


I was home alone on an afternoon I will never forget. And this is a true story, and a testimony to God’s amazing grace. It is evidence of His powerful presence. And of His great love for me and all those who will believe.

It is divine, miraculous, and the very essence of God’s being that He gives us power after the Holy Spirit comes upon us. That is why He wants us to rest in Him, to be still and know God. He longs to quiet us with His love. Psalm 91 is at work.

I felt that prompting from the Holy Spirit, the nudge to protect my house. I anointed it with oil, a type of the Holy Spirit. I anointed my husband and he anointed me. I prayed in the Spirit, and sang in the Spirit. I felt at peace.

When my husband left that afternoon, I sat down to relax. I scrolled through my studies and some music on my tablet. The volume wasn’t very loud. It was just another routine day here in Australia, but in few minutes, that all began to change. And it has changed me, forever.

I hear the door open, I thought it was my husband, J——– coming home and thought nothing of it at first. Then I heard another door open. I quickly realized it was not my husband, and went to check, but the Holy Spirit was way ahead of me. I stopped right where I was. The Lord must have held me in place and I called out, ” Who’s there? Is someone there? ”

Suddenly, I heard the door shut again. I realized that I was about to be at home when a burglar came calling. I could have been a victim of a home invasion. Instead, I have the victory that Jesus purchased for me on the cross.

It is all part of His salvation, provision, protection, and healing. He truly restores the soul. I have sought Him through many experiences, and I am a firm believer in the power of prayer and intercession. Nothing was taken from my home and I was in no way harmed. The same cannot be said of most women. I am among the blessed, the beloved. I know my Redeemer lives.

I listen to Him every day, He has first place in my heart, and divine intervention and angelic protecion were at my side. Angels encamped about me, commanding and warrior angels fought back the enemy’s plan of attack and attempt to harm me. God’s plans are for my good and not to harm. He is the faithful Lion of Judah who roared loudly against the wicked one on my behalf.

I hope this will inspire your trust in Jesus. I hope you will desire and discern spiritual gifts. This afternoon was a little hard on the nerves, I felt a little shaky, but my faith had not been shaken. Neither was Jesus. the closer you are to Him, the more the enemy would see you defeated, but that’s what happened to him, as Jesus died for us, and we are not defeated in Him, but more than conquerors by and through His love.

When my husband arrived, I had quite story to tell. Instead of a burglar, Jesus made a way for me. I suppose you could say, God broke into my house instead, and I’m really glad He did.


Noni Lee from Australia


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