Taken For Granted


Recently, I dealt with a little correction from God. I really had to dig deep to my heart and understand that I was depending on certain prayers for me, instead of God. I was taking Him for granted, that He was in control, had the final word, that He watched over me, He cared for me, He saw the big picture. He was the only one who could and would restore.

I used to hear about naming the thief and he had to return it sevenfold, it was a popular song about taking back what he stole in the 90’s but I just seemed to be get myself into more losses, and yes, I took things for granted. Though there is truth and biblical reference to these things, it is still God who restores, ordains, appoints and controls. He sets times, dates, seasons. He doesn’t look at things like we do, He looks at hearts, He is constrained or bound by time, not limited in any way, He is able to accomplish anything or do something entirely new.

I have taken God for granted, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and didn’t even realize it, because I was striving for what He had promised, I was faithful in many ways but anxious and perhaps, even careless, in some. I continued to hold onto hopes, I should not have. Trusted people I should not have. My hopes and dreams and healing, His plans for me were safe with Him.

So when He calls me away to rest, I know I am beloved. When I go to pray, I hear his inspiration. I take nothing or no one for granted but I avoid my past mistakes. I allow myself the rest, the healing, I avoid guilt, my life is up to Him. I was wasting precious time with Him and others, taking for granted He would answer prayers, when He already had, I just had to receive. I just had to love and Him to love me, to heal me, to prosper me, to bless me.

What He gives me is precious, what He gives you is precious to you also. Are you taking things for granted? Or taking God for granted? I have felt that way myself, I have been overlooked, not listened to, ignored. I know what it is to have someone turn away from you, to turn a blind eye and deaf ear, and even turn their back on you. If I feel that way, how much does that grieve His Holy Spirit who hoevers over and broods over us and is right beside us, waiting to love and heal and comfort. Who waits to enjoy praise and worship and quiet prayer time, who is giving us power to overcome, what does He feel, when taken for granted.

Most of the time, we as frail and fragile, or selfish and shallow human beings never miss something until it’s gone. My experience is a little different, I never even realized what I had. Please don’t take you marriage for granted, little disputes are not worth it and they only lead to bigger ones. Please don’t take your children for granted, they will grow up way too fast. Now, is the time to fill little hearts and minds with the love of Jesus. Please don’t take your parents for granted, the have done enough for you if they are good ones, now it’s your turn. And if they weren’t forgive and let go.

Don’t take for granted the salvation of Jesus, His healing power or His peace. There is nothing like it. And never ignore His rest, the precious place from which to pray, you don’t hveto run and be weary or even walk and grow tired. He is waiting to lavish His love on you and let your rest, knowing His death accomplished our victory in Him. God gives good gifts, perfect gift, He will never ask for them back, nor take them back, they are forever yours. Choose Jesus and use them, and never be foolish enough to take them for granted and lose them. How many times has the enemy wanted me not to write? I stopped counting.

God is love and love is to be nurtured and cherished, Please don’t take it for granted. Rebecca Jones


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