The Fear of Flying

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I used to get up and feed the birds in my bird angel bird feeder that hung out back. I could sit and watch the beautiful birds come and go. Blue jays, male and female red and beige cardinals., and even a woodpecker, who’s red head and spotted black wings could be seen pecking away on a new home. It was a peaceful time before the start of the day and the many children that would come to family daycare.

I was taken by the beauty and soft cooing of the morning doves. I knew doves were the embodiment in Bible at least, of the Holy Spirit. There was a peace and and graceful beauty about these birds, even if they weren’t pure white. Neither are we until we are born again, we are saved by grace. Jesus imparts His righteousness and we are pure and white, our sins covered by His blood.

The Holy Spirit descended on Jesus and the Father called Him beloved. Jesus asked the Father to love us as much as Him, and when we believe in Him we are welcomed into the beloved. We are loved by a Heavenly Father who loved us and gave us His only Son to prove it, yet many, sadly, either do not believe this nor understand it. Truly, God’s love is beyond comprehension and still we are told we can comprehend it.

Lately, I have been reading about little birds leaving the nest, being pushed out by the parent, and sometimes it’s not pretty. They flop and hop and they may  even fall. But sooner or later they fly. Children are the same way. It helps to teach children not be afraid. I did not always get the benefit of that.

Love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror. 1 John 4:18 is worded this way in the Amplified Bible. I have to admit I’m not a fan of the Amplified Bible, when I would hear it read, it was like all these words jumbled together. I wasn’t fond of parallel either reading side by side. It was sort of a distraction.

I like to look at the different versions of the Bible. I like Bible Hub on the computer.  Having the Word and ministries at your fingertips and right on a phone or a tablet leaves us no excuse not to read or study or listen to messages and music that uplift. There is no reason not to know He loves you.

I grew up with fear like a nagging pestilence, always in the back of my mind. I resisted it like a prize fighter, I also caved. Especially, when I thought I was deferring to people knew better than I. And I was wrong. I never flew like I should have. I floundered like a fish out of water at times. But I, eventually, even if a little later on. learned how much the Lord really loved me. He was beaten like the fine flour of a grain offering. The seeds I gave the birds were more  round, larger than that grain. He was striped and burned and pierced like the matzah bread. that is why we receive Holy Communion.

And I believe that since the Bible refers to us as kings and priests that we can take it ourselves in our homes and share it with family and friends. Even on a daily basis, if necessary.  Jesus made us worthy, and we do it to remember Him, to honor Him.

I have read eagles push their young from the nest and glide or soar beneath to keep them safe or catch them if they fall. And eagles have been known to grab snakes in their talons. Recently, I watched five little mouths being fed and how thy learned to fly, they were back in the nest during a storm under mother’s wing and often back at night, it is how we run to God.

So Lord, I was reading about giving fear the boot. I know I don’t need it. It is not my friend, it is not pleasing to you. It is not the opposite of faith as I once thought, because even if it could be, it is more than that it opposes the love of God. It is the enemies territory and domain. Fear is a spirit, just like love is. So if God is love, who is fear? It is not that God doesn’t expect you to have common sense, you have to not do silly things.

God does not want us to be in fear, the first people cast into the lake of fire are the fearful and unbelieving. Human or natural love can fail, and it fails because it is in the flesh. God’s love never fails, because it is in the Spirit. It casts out fear, it trumps fear, it expels every trace of terror. Fear does have torment, fear is in people who are not perfect or mature in love or God.

So let’s all grow up some more, stop being petty and childish. I don’t fear around me at all. And I don’t want to be afraid to fly, I even need to soar. He will raise up on eagles wings and hold us in the palm of His hand.

I sure am glad because I love to watch sparrows and love the doves. I once saw a little bird about to be eaten by a snake on nature show and could not watch. We are defended by the Lion of Judah and the Holy Spirit hovers over us. We are safe in His feathers and wrapped under His wing. And we can lean into the heart of Abba, Father. And all because of Jesus and the lashes on His back, yes, He will even swoop down to catch us if we fall. No, Lord. I don’t want to be afraid to fly. Rebecca Jones

Please enjoy Michael Crawford performing On Eagle’s Wings.

  • This is my 1,000th post. It’s all about Him. thank you Jesus, for your words and grace. I love you…

4 thoughts on “The Fear of Flying”

  1. Dear, precious Rebecca! I read your comment on my blog, and oh, my, it just touched and moved me so deeply! I SO appreciate the faith in your prayer, and the dear encouragement you left there! I am so happy to “meet” you and just trust the dear Lord will bless you abundantly for reaching out to me with such encouraging words.


    1. I hope you will keep me posted. I prayed recently about another baby boy. He was supposed to be a preemie or a miscarriage. He is a bouncy 3 month old born a week early and 7 lbs. , thanky you Cheryl, God bless.


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