Leaving Your First Love



But I have this against you, that you left your first love. The New Heart English Bible Revelation 2:4

The book of Revelation shows Jesus givng John the words for the angel or minister of the seven churches. I could take you into a deep study of this book, but that is not what I want to share today. Revelation is a book most people want to read and decipher as new believers or even with a limited knowledge of the Bible. I recommend John. To fully understand Revelation, takes revelation from the Holy Spirit and a lot of knowledge of ancient history, and I never want anyone to be confused.

This was the message to the church of Ephesus, the message is clear. The church started off pure enough which meant they no doubt saw both converts and the miraculous. The Apostle Paul was traveling through these places, and other disciples had preached the gospel to many. Jesus had revealed Himself as the Son of God, crucified , risen and coming again.

The believers at Ephesus started off well enough, but allowed other things to take their focus off Christ. There was idolatry, false teachers, and unless you are fully rooted and grounded in the Word and rightly divide it, and unless you remain in His love as Jesus says, you can slip away from your first love, Jesus, just as the Ephesians did.

I know the world is full of many religions, and I know that there are some good principals in some of them, but they all stem from God, and He sent Jesus to be a sacrifice for us all. This is a God who asks us to die for Him in a spiritual sense, other gods demand your life, literally. This God sent His Son to die for us. Other gods did not.  Everyone, of course is free to choose what they believe in. God gave us a free will.

But if you ever gave your heart to Jesus, as a child or at any time, He is waiting to love you again. Just like when you loved Him. Why? Because He first loved us.  I encourage you to think about anything that is hindering you. Is it doubt or is it unbelief? Has your love for Jesus waxed cold? You may have heard things taught wrong and need to ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern. Maybe, you have been ill and aren’t sure Jesus will heal you. He told the leper He was willing. If He was willing to die, isn’t He willing to heal?

If you think you can not be because of something you have done, please know that if you have asked forgiveness, He is willing. He took punishment, He isn’t giving it. He has to allow things until you ask in faith, and begin to draw close to Him, and to speaki His healing word into your life.

And if other Chrisitians have hurt you, I am sorry. Sometimes, we can come across too hard, hoping to see salvation. I tend to get excited and often don’t understand that others don’t get what I get. But I have had people be downright mean. There are various reasons given in Revelation, there had been poverty, idolatry, ( which can be anything we put above God ) and a luke warm state, and even Pergamos was where the devil dwelt.

These churches are in Turkey, or at least the cities. But Jesus is comparing them to the Church age. While there have been many things influencing the curch over the years, He will come for a pure bride. I still have hopes of seeing Philadelphia come into play, where there is healing and unity. If He pours out His Spirit as He promised, there should be miracles and healing and salvation before we end up in Laodicea a state of apostasy, we do not want to be a dead church like Sardis either.

So let’s search our souls and realize that although this pertains to the church age, as a believer and member of the church, His kingdom is inside us and we can decide what church we want to be in. Ephesus started out well, but Jesus corrects them. So let’s turn from whatecer hinders or decieives or drags down us, we have to return to Jesus, He longs for us, and there is great longing for Him, I can’t even bear to think of leaving my first love. Rebecca Jones


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