You Have To Bleed


As I lay resting my head against the pillow and listening to the coversation in the next room and heard the television, I wondered why some people just don’t get faith, or my devotion to Christ? Why do thy not see Him the way I do, surely they too, have needed Him. I am not just singled out to be the only one longing for peace and healing to manifest into my life and stay as a permanent fixture of His amazing grace.

Then the though went through my head, that still, small Holy Spirit whisper. ” You have to bleed. ” And I know He never meant literally, though I can tell you having both experienced and witnessed hemorraging, it is not pretty.

I can also tell you that for a moment or two, there was a euphoria, with it. I believe that is why people harm themselves, to let the pain out. But what they don’t know is that it is a deadly deception. You are inviting the enemy in and actually hurting yourself worse. Please don’t do that, there is help and other ways to find peace. I recently discovered it has ties to the demonic realm and the worship of Baal. So please don’t do it. Remember the mad man in the tombs, he was cutting Himself, Jesus freed him. You don’t need a false god.

This was not my case, it was perimenopausal. There were shots to stop it, but I relied on prayer because they were not good for my bones. My mother had had a hard time having me, we both almost died. She had a hysterectomomy after suffering hemorraging in her fifties.

So what did the Lord mean if not literal? I believe it is just to experience Jesus. He was a man of grief, acquainted with sorrow. Isaiah 53 explains in great detail how He was rejected and alone. His face was marred beyond recognition. And He was bloody. His death was gory and gruesome. And for me.

When many actors have played Jesus, people on the set have passed them by. They too, are left alone, and it is only make up, so imagine our Lord’s lonlieness and how much love, such pure love to give up heaven to come here for us and die.

And even before He was mocked, criticized by religious leaders and there were those who wanted to kill Him but could not, for it was not time. He slipped out of crowds unharmed. He was often alone in prayer to replenish the soul of love He was pouring out. He had to renew Himself in His Father’s love, because now, He was a man.

We bleed a little, every time we face rejection, heartbreak, diappointment. Jesus knows He was there praying over the same problems we face. We bleed a little, with every setback, sickness, sorrow. Jesus knows, He grieved.

And maybe, we bleed a little every prayer we say, every seed we sow, every person we reach out and offer a helping hand to. Not physical blood, but in a spiritual sense of the word. That’s how we become acquainted with the one who was acquainted with sorrow. That’s how we come to understand His great and everlasting love. We bleed at being rejected, in kindness, in friendship  and in love. we bleed at harsh words, accusations and slander. The enemy would tear at our flesh, and aour minds and hearts are a part of it. We bleed from mistakes, our past, our disappointments.

People may say terrible things about us and may look away from us. We may not be their idea of Christ-like, but do they know the one who really bled great drops of blood in agony in the Garden of Gethsemane? Or do they have a profession of faith and deny the power of it. There is power in the blood. There is forever forgiveness in the blood and there is protection in the blood.

Demons know better than to cross a blood line, if that blood line is Jesus’. The devil quakes at the name, and while he may roar and roam, he will never prevail, because Jesus did.

So can you understand pure love? Have you accepted Him into your heart? He was pierced for you. Is your heart pierced for Him in the figurative and spiritual sense? Did you bleed a little? Or do you bleed a lot, in the figurative sense, you are very capapble of understanding the love of Jesus. Rebecca Jones


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