The Beauty of Christ


Jesus is just altogether lovely as the Song of Solomon says. We’ve all seen our share of beauty contests or pageants, runway models and celebrities.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Once, when I was in my 20’s someone said I was beautiful, I didn’t say thank you or anything, my response was just a quick, ” If I am, it’s because the Lord lets me be. ” I didn’t know why I said it, really. I was a Christian, still finding my way in faith.

Now a more mature adult, I knw that true beauty comes from within and shows in the face. The light of His love is the Holy Spirit sparkle in the eyes. Youth is renewed and there is a fresh, flawless appearance to skin. There is a glow about you. It’s a shine you don’t have to run and powder your nose about. If you control your mouth, and I guess, I may not have always professed the right thing, your speech is comely. It has to be from a sincere heart. Beauty can be faked, but true beauty cannot be.

I know there is a mythical story of the fountain of youth. There is one, but it is in Psalm 103. The Lord loads us daily with benefits. But we must walk with Him and receive them. We have to be renewed, refreshed, and even rewarded on a daily basis. Remember, the Lord prayed for us to receive our daily bread, which is actually Him. He said there would be sufficient evil every day. And trust me, there is.

So in the wake of all the cares of life, the enemy attacks and spiritual warfare, we must rest in His love in order to maintain the beauty of Christ within us. It should not be so easily stolen, but believers who find themselves wounded warriors of grace and weary from battle, people who have suffered from illness, continual pressure or problems financial or otherwise, can find themselves easy prey for the enemy’s devices.

It is hard to imagine a man, marred and scarred, bloodied and beaten to be beautiful, but He was. That anyone would die for me is incredible. And the risen Lord even more so a man of great beauty. Men are usually handsome, and Joseph, who was a type of Christ, was called handsome after being a slave and promoted to governor. Jesus was probably handsome, too. But still beautiful. He took so much upon Himself, for me to be free.

Whether a shining knight upon a horse, or the Lamb of God, the Lion of Judah, or my beloved Prince of Peace, He is altogether lovely. Like a diamond turning in the hand of the jeweler, He is flawless, multi-faceted, full of light and color, a rainbow round His throne.

Life has beaten me down, I carried a cross to heavy and burdensome for me. I have bled. I have stumbled. I was forgotten and alone, I knew sorrow, I became very acquainted with grief, which is something I did neither understand, nor enjoy. I was crucified with Christ. My new life, hidden, like a butterfly. I was still in the palm of His hand.

There are lots of beautiful people in the world. Some are sincere and some are shallow, some want to get ahead and others will rejoice over a friend’s victory.  Some are overmade, overly modified by plastic and cosmetic surgery, maybe, they just don’t realize love is from God and how much He loves them.

Me? I’m just a girl who gets the love of God. At least now I do. I like my make up and hair color. But am I beautiful? It’s in the eye of the beholder. Jesus beheld me as altogether lovely just as He is and just the way I see Him. If only, I can reflect that love. If I am all beautiful, it’s because the Lord let’s me be. Rebecca Jones


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