Parting the Red Sea


I can’t even remember how many times I have seen the Ten Commandments. The Cecille B. DeMille epic, and he actually made a silent one, it is lavish in production and has a superb cast. We all know how Moses was put into a basket and sent up the Nile. God had Miriam to follow but the Nile was surely alligator alley. Only supernatural protection guarded him even then.

We know Moses was taken in by Pharoah’s daughter and killed an Egyptian and fled. He married Zipporah, and Yvonne DeCarlo plays her opposite Charlton Heston’s Moses. Yul Brynner is outstanding as Pharoah, he had a believable presence. With all the luxury and palaces and grandeur of a royal life behind him, Moses becomes a shepherd.

When the the great I Am shows up, he must have been overwhelmed at being ask to deliver His people. Of course, he thought he couldn’t do it. Just like we all do. He had many moments and trials and leaned on his staff, His rod became a serpent and swallowed another. He lifted that bronze serpent in the wilderness, as a type of Christ. Can we really conceive the hell endured by our Lord as He purchased our salvation?

Moses made a mistake when he struck the rock twice. He was told to speak to it. We have no need to strike the rock ( Christ ) either, cruel men slapped Him, mocked Him, plucked His beard. He was smitten and afflicted and His punishment brought us peace and it is those wounds that heal. So why take a rod that could carry the power of God to transform into a serpent to overtake the magicians occult devices, and strike the rock? Moses was not God. Only God would be able to give Jesus to be struck down.

And why would we now, continue to smite Him with vain repetitions and disgrace Him with unbelief? He was beaten for us already and is now our High Priest, once and only once our sacrifice our offering? And God had to look away, He could not bear to see the sin and shame we put upon Him. We may not all see burning bushes, but we are in His presence and standing on holy ground.

The Roman soldier pierced His side and blood and water went forth. But they did not break His legs as they did other prisoners. God forbade them to strike Him anymore. It was finished. Moses disobedience cost him entry to the promised land. We don’t want our ignorance to keep us in the wilderness after we were let out of bondage by Christ. We neither need to wander or wonder. He paid it all.

And while Moses received them, the Ten Commandments, Jesus fulfilled the Law and the prophets and gave us one new commandment to love Him and each other, fulfilling all of them. The scene of the Red Sea parting is spectacular, I heard it was done using Jello. People died after the Ten Commandments were given. They bragged that they could keep them. People lived because Jesus fulfilled them. Only He could keep all without sin, and taking our place was the only hope for us. We should be bragging on Him.

Even a far greater miracle occurred when Jesus was crucified, the veil of the temple was rent, but even more than that was the miraculous way He would part a sea of souls and save them. The children of Israel walked through on dry land.  We can walk though to come boldly before God. It was unheard of in that day.

The movie is wonderful but not accurate, Pharoah drowned, sorry Yul. And all those people were heavy laden with gold and riches, limped on through the wilderness maimed and blind and and crippled and on crutches. But the Bible says there were no feeble among them. He healed people then, even though they went astray on the way to the Promised Land. He is still healing people, Jesus will heal before He comes to take us to the mansion He promised, and He has lots of room. The question is do we have room? Do we have room for Him, for each other? Or will we continue to lash out as He was lashed, are we striking our rock when we should just speak to Him. Rebecca Jones

Crystal Storms


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