In Need of Still Waters


I have been writing about Psalm 91, the secret place. I have had to trust Him, a whole lot lately, with things way beyond my reach. I always want to live there but at the same time I find myself in need of still waters. Storms have come and gone, and blown across my soul. It appears there have been a few stragglers.

If you could view me as a radar screen, there would have been hook echoes, which spawn tornadic activity. And the Holy Spirit blew them away, and the storms that linger behind are old ones, about blown out. Past their intensity, they have little to pound me with. Now and again, it is as if a hailstorm pops up, especially in this late afternoon southern heat. Sometimes, there is hail that is marble sized, golf ball and even softball.

It’s mostly marbles now. The storms that used to howl over me now are driven ot by the calm of Pslam 91. And I can walk into Psalm 23. If the Lord is my Shepherd and He is. I lack nothing. Indeed, I am in need of things but He already knows how they’ll be taken care of. He may have to insist that I rest, to make me lie in green pasture and not let the rotating winds of worry spiral me out of control again. I have come to depend on His rest.

He leads me beside the still waters and restores my soul. There doesn’t have to be a beach nearby, I don’t even have to feel the sand between my toes, I don’t have to collect sea glass, starfish or sand dollars and shells, and yet I can hear the rush of gentle evening waves and almost feel the spray of ocean mist. I can find my peace. Because He is my peace.

It never ceases to amaze me that when a crisis, whether small or gigantic comes about that we will start to wonder what we are going to do. The question should be what are expecting Him to do? Keep His promise, answer prayer. Or are we listening to an evil wind, a wicked wind, and evil, mocking, cruel and condemning wind that is so far for the powerful and peaceful Holy Spirit wind?

I refuse to trade still waters for bitter ones, to be caught up in a whirlwind. I want the fresh wind, the clean and crisp wind of the Holy Spirit. I want Jesus and I want peace. I want to hold His hand and let me walk beside the still waters, in my mind, my heart and soul. I want His calm.

If you find yourself in need of still waters. Here is Jesus waiting to walk you there. Just take His hand and walk, and remember, if you look back and see only one set of footprints in the sand, He’s carrying you from the storm, leading you beside still waters. Rebecca Jones


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