The Rest of Psalm 91



He is the one who shall deliver you from the snare of scandal and from worthless speech. Psalm 91:3, the Aramaic Bible in Plain English, Jesus spoke Aramaic and Hebrew.

 We all need to rest in Jesus. We all need to rest from being weary and heavy laden because Jesus died to give us rest. Hebrews 4 teaches about rest, God rested after creation and Jesus sat down in heaven after the ascension. He provided ways for us all, ways to be healed and to prosper and escape.
He wouldn’t have given His life in so cruel a manner if He did not want us saved and to be wholly immersed in His salvation, which is much more than we can ever conceive without spending quality time with the Lord in prayer and intimacy and wanting to know Him as a person friend, not just a while on Sunday.
Part time Christians can’t defeat a full time devil. which brings us to our verse from the Aramaic Bible in Plain English.  Jesus plainly warned the disciples about demons and the wicked one. He told them he was coming and found nothing in Him. That is true. Even when angry, Jesus was in righteous, holy, anger about an injustice. He never sinned, not even clearing the temple. He really needs to clear the air today even.
Peter didn’t listen about being sifted as wheat, neither do a lot of us. But Jesus restored him and He can anyone who will listen to the Holy Spirit. Don’t deceive yourselves. I had a conversation about that with someone. The battle is in our thoughts, our minds, which is a part of the soul.  the wicked one will snare your thought process, you have to choose Phillipians 4:8.
Psalm 91 is an excellent prayer of protection and even an everyday prayer. We can claim His promises at any time and anywhere and over any circumstance. He will be the one to deliver us from scandal, slander and false speech, worthless speech, criticism and condemnation. we don’t have to worry about anything anyone does or says. He will shelter us under mighty feathers and the wicked one will be cast aside. Rebecca Jones

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