Living in Psalm 91

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Are you living in the precious, restful life of Psalm 91? We are to settle down and abide under the shadow or protection of the Most High God.

There is room there for many and He has charged angels to guard us and to work for us but we must remember to pray this Psalm and believe that promise that He has given us. God has seasons and ordains things at different times.

He can even issue new charges to angels depending on our needs. Don’t sit by ad let your guardian angels be out of work. They have to know we agree and they are there for us. We have to agree with God not the enemy.

No matter how many fall it won’t come near us and we won’t be destroyed by plague or pestilence or famine or lack of any kind.  The devil fell and took a third of the angels with him, but angels are innumerable though they don’t marry and procreate, and there are male and female angels, personally, I believe they are still being created. People are still being born, we don’t know the expanse of the galaxies.

Pray for angels to go before and make our way straight according to God’s Word. There are angels going into flight right now, covering you with their feathers, as you trust under the wing, that God has promised. May they bring His healing rest and comfort those in their darkest hour. May they inspire and educate by bringing you ideas and someone who can teach you about what a mighty God we serve.

May this be a peaceful week, and the Almighty keep us from all harm as we believe His promise of protection and angels. For there are way more who are for us than against us. And greater is He who is in us as well. Rebecca Jones

*This is my 1,000 th post! It’s all about you, Jesus.


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