Like Father, Like Daughter



If you ever danced on your father’s shoes, or he read you a story and added voices to the characters, if he ever twirled you in a tutu or brushed back a curl to wipe away a tear, you have a good memory. Whether your father is alive or gone today.  I wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

Now let’s talk about our Heavenly Father. I declared this His Day, too. He knew you before you were born, had made lots of plans for you, already had a name picked out for you, beloved. No matter what your parents called you. God danced the day you were born, and angels rejoiced. He broke the proverbial mold, because you are uniquely His own. He calls by name and you are His. He had already sent His son to die for you so you could live forever with Him, you are engraved in those palms.

He watched you grow, heard you laugh, admired your dimples and smile. He saw you run ahead and skin your knees. Fail the driver’s test, get your first kiss. He saw your hopes and dreams, but guided your steps to Him whether or not you followed was up to you. Maybe, you rebelled and went your seperate ways, and it broke your Father’s heart. But like the one with the prodigal son, He welcomes you back.

He was never the cause of your pain or suffering. He was never the torment or your mind. It was not He who left you broken hearted. Life can do those things, but Abba was there. He was often so close to you but you did not hear. When your mind is crowded with worry and fear, that can happen. It’s like a cloudburst thundering inside and the sound prevents the still, small voice of the Lord. A merry heart is a continual feast, but a sorrowful heart will dry the bones, cloud your judgement, turn faith in reverse, it can even turn a little doubt into a goliath of unbelief.

So many things can move into the heart, envy, greed, selfishness. That’s why we must never crowd out Jesus, nor our Father’s love. He’s always there, if we call Him. Some heard Him speak from heaven and thought it was thunder, some heard nothing. And that is the way it is today. Perception and impression are the tools of God, and the accuser will try to interchange them into distraction and deception, to cause confusion, chaos, and fear. The ultimate result being destruction or death, but God is love, mercy, and joy and peace.

Your Father, loves you more than any earthly Father, and He hopes you will call on Him today. He know your hurts and fears and anything you may be trying to hide. You can not hide from the Father, the perfect Father, only His love is perfect and can turn your fears to love. Don’t run from Him. Your earthly father may have loved you but no one can love you like God does.

No one, no matter how much they love you, no one can reach to the depths of the soul. No one can heal a broken heart, like the Father can, even the broken heart of an earthly father, if that’s you today, I plead with you to turn your face to the Son, away from whatever holds you in despair. He is willing and able to deliver you, today. Just ask him.

But if you are His daughter, be like your Father, like Father, like daughter. He will let you rejoice with Him, dance in His arms, He will walk you down the aisle to receive His Son, Jesus, if you don’t know Him. And you will be accepted into the beloved, And if you are already His daughter, He will help you keep your vows to Christ. You are already the beloved.

You are complete in the love of God through Jesus and the tenderness of the Holy Spirit will embrace you if you allow Him to and His  power will defeat anything that keeps you from His love. Worship the Heavenly Father today and everyday. He demonstrated His love in someway everyday, He is the very beat of your heart and the very breath you breathe, He’s that close. And He will always love you. Happy Heavenly Father’s Day. Rebecca Jones


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