Sweet As Honey

My son, eat honey, for it is good, Yes, the honey from the comb is sweet to your taste; Proverbs 24:13

We have to eat our words sometimes, should we be eating honey to make them sweeter? It might sweeten coffee or tea, or be good on a pancake or waffle and even in recipe. In the south, we make biscuits ( not cookies, for those abroad, it is bread ) and when I was little we stirred honey or syrup into butter and ate it with biscuits. I’m making myself hungry, it’s after midnight as I write. But I don’t think just eating honey makes us sweet.

No, for that we must get to know the sweet one, Himself. And that is Jesus. Then we can taste and see that He is good. We studied wisdom at the beginning of the year and since it is June, it might be a good time to go back and reflect on the Proverbs and what they say about our words.

Words can be sweet or sour. They can heal or hurt. They can wound deeper that we imagine, especially accusations and false allegations. They can scar, they can steal, kill or destroy, if they are from the enemy. But better still they can heal, nourish and restore, and flourish life back into bodies, refreshment to our souls. They can put a song into our heart and fill us with joy and laughter.  If we open our mouth He fills it. If God fills it is with good things.

Anything else is spouted out of our old carnal nature, the flesh from a heart that has become evil with unbelief or from the wicked one’s deceptions. We can deceive ourselves. If we think God is not holding us accountable we do just that. He warns us to put away all corrupt communications. He has a great sense of humor but hates coarse jesting, innuendo and vile speech or language.

We must learn to eat the honeycomb of His Word, to speak those prayers and promises over ourselves and over our loved ones and friends. Jesus was sweetness Himself, made to taste the bitterness and sorrow, the horrendous pain of torture and death to set us free.

In a world where we are in a hurry, rushed. Quick to judge. Quick to jump to conclusions. We must learn to slow down and think before we speak. We may not always have to drip with honey which would appear false to most and indeed for many it would to obtain something with ulterior motive but Jesus knows our hearts and souls.

He will happily let the Holy Spirit teach us to speak, when to be silent or still. When to let Him be God. He will feed us the milk and honey and meat of His word. No one should really have to teach us if we know Jesus, He is our sweetness, our honey. And the words He spoke have life and healing and wholeness to lives that would have otherwise perished. If we eat honey, fine, but first, feast on the words of the sweet one, Jesus.

Rebecca Jones

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