Resist the Lord?


I just can’t resist the Lord because I know what He did for me on the cross and ever since I came to know Him. I don’t see how people resist Him. Yet, they obviously do or the world would be a much better place. I understand that many are not taught that He is Lord and Savior, or even the Son of God. They see Him merely as a teacher or prophet or even as a good man who was wronged. Many don’t even realize the torture He endured or consider that He was taking their place.

You can’t keep deceiving yourself if you are resisting His calling. The whisper that rests upon your ear, that He loves you, wants you. He beckons you with love, and outstretched hand that will welcome you and forgive you. He is waiting to embrace you and fill an emaciated soul with living water. If your life has been a desert, parched and broken earth beneath your feet, you can still walk to Him and kneel beside the well of love that is ever flowing with forgiveness, the offer eternal life.

He made us a way when there was no way. We were never able to be righteous in God’s eyes. He had to look upon a holy sacrifice, and the only one who could redeem all, if only they would believe was Jesus. Never minimize this gift, it is much to important. You deserve  to be told how much He loves you wherever you are, whatever your guilt.

He will wash your soul clean and pure and white. Resist the Lord, no, don’t. Resist the one who would keep you from such wonderful love and keep you bound in sin and shame and blame and never let your rest. The enemy is who we want to resist and he will flee in terror. First, we have to submit to God.

We like to think the enemy is scared of us, our prayers. Maybe, a little. But it is the Lord of Hosts, he fears. Though beaten and pierced and facing death, Jesus was still more powerful and went to hell to retrieve the keys and He is the one giving us authority over the devil and every enemy.

No weapon will prosper, no enemy can prevail, not against a mighty Jesus and even though He suffered and we may see that as weak, He was not. He had to be strong because we were weak and we needed a Lord. We were helpless and He helped us, I know He did me. Resist the Lord? Never! Rebecca Jones


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