Message in a Bottle

Ever wish you could just get a message in a bottle? I read once about someone finding one a man wrote as a boy, perhaps it was a movie. It’s like you are in Psalm 23 walking by still waters and suddenly there is a bottle, and all your answers are inside. Well, it might not work quite that way, but Jesus is walking us by the still water and making us lie down in His rest, that is when we get our answers.

There are no magic lamps or genies to grant your wishes, No panacea. No magic pills, diet, or otherwise.  No lucky charms or potions. There is only Jesus to author and finish our faith. He had disciples and apostles and early church fathers write down His words. We are in return inscribed in His palm.

He may not send us a message in a bottle, but He does keep tears there. And He wants us to have joy instead of tears. I have found myself looking back at things I found funny, even when I was young. Not because it was the good old days but because I seriously needed a laugh. Joy is a terrible thing to lose, peace and love. If you don’t have Jesus, you really don’t have either. Maybe, some fun, a fling, a few good times, but they will be gone.

The joy Jesus wants us to have is continual, a merry heart. Feasting on the words, that are His message, His love note, His answer will draw us closer to the one will all the answers. We need to have an intimate walk and talk with Jesus. Get beside the still waters and you may find your message in a bottle after all.

It is up to us to read and study, rightly divide His Word. We must keep them written upon the tablet of our heart, keep them in that renewed mind of Christ, keep them in our thoughts our ears and in our mouths. Seek His wisdom, then speak His wisdom. His words are spirit and they are life. They are life savers and life preservers.

We, as believers, have already overcome by His blood and His testimony. Let us walk worthy, and in white, before our precious Lord. He is worty to be praised, our forever friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is our beloved, the very Prince of Peace. His message is one of love and it is good news. Rebecca Jones

Crystal Storms


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