When To Give Your Crown



I wrote a post about not letting anyone take your crown, from Revelation. Today, I want to tell you when  to give it, and the picture really says it all. It’s when we see Him in all His glory. The song by Mercy Me, I Can Only Imagine is right on target, when I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall? Will I be able speak at all?

There is just a buzz of anticipation in the Spirit. I had a lady tell me that she heard a good sermon last Sunday on long for Him. I think we all do that whether we are anticipating His return or just in such desperate need of His perect love and companionship. We long for love, and yearn for the peace that He left us, for it is like no other.

I learned a lot about crowns, I even read a story about a vision, where Jesus was fashioning someone’s crown. Can I even comprehend that? That the one who bled and died for me may also be the designer of my crown. I’m sure heaven is full of goldsmiths, silversmiths, and jewelers, but what if he decided I was worthy of His hand fashioning it? Or perhaps, He approves of them all.

You can be sure that the enemy is aware of our crowns, even if we are not. Oh, we talk about being daughters of the King and what not, but when the false lion starts to roar and we begin to question ourselves and our standing with Jesus, aren’t we letting it tilt just a little? Like a sideways halo, the devil throws us off kilter. And we go back to longing.

But let me assure you, though he may try to imitate the roar of the Lion of Judah, he’s powerless, unless we give him our authority. Jesus paid dearly to get it back, so don’t hand it over. Not to any enemy, real or imagined. Seen or unseen. Not to any spiritual attacker. Don’t let anyone take your crown!

Until you, His daughter, can kneel before the Lord youself and place it at His feet. It is something we do yearn for, long for, His glorious appearing.. Many of us have chosen to rest at His feet. It is where we learn, pray, refresh. And where we are healed of all our brokenness, where we recieve beauty for ashes and joy for morning. It is where we have broken our alabaster boxes and let all our cares out, cast away into a sea of nothingness, He is our peace.

We walk in His light, His glory, His kavod. ( Ka-vode ) And it is a light peaceful presence of love, and a heavy and thick, weighty one at others, not a heavy burden, but there to protect, to shield. It is a crown given by the Prince of Peace, when He baptizes you with fire. How else are we to tread upon scorpions and serpents? He has to walk with us, and in us. His Spirit is love and protects us, like a canopy, enveloping us. So don’t question your worth to Jesus, the accuser comes and goes. jesus remains the same. true to His Word.

So when do we give our crowns, when our longing and yearning fore heaven is finally over and we lay them at His feet. It is actually the elders who lay their crowns at His feet. Revelation 4:10,11. But who is to say we all won’t? After all a crown would be an insignifigant gift in comparison to His would it not? Except, that He makes it worthy as He made us righteous and worthy. Rebecca Jones



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