Are You A Gambler?

Obviously, this Gibson girl is. If you are not familiar with that term, it was coined for the artist Charles Dana Gibson. The girls sported an s figure, small waist and big hair at the turn of the century, around 1900.

Years ago, gambling was one of the hot and heavy topics of sin. Now, it is popular among young and old alike. People of all ages, not just seniors go to casinos and board cruise ships and hit Las Vegas.

But let me tell you about gambling. In ancient times. lots or dice, even sort of sticks were tossed on tables to see what the gods, not God, wanted to do. It is really the same principal as the lighting of the jewels on the hIgh priests breastplate while he was in the Holy of Holies. The devil is a counterfeiter, if he gives you a bill, don’t take it.

In Esther’s day lots would have been cast to determine the fate of the Jews. Haman said wipe them out. God had other plans with a girl named Hadassah, who became Queen Esther, for such a time as that.

By the time Jesus was crucified, it was Roman soldiers casting lots at the foot of the cross for His garment. This is why I, personally, don’t care for gambling. It is repulsive to me to think that someone could do that thing, they couldn’t even wait for Him to die, to go off somewhere later, no, it was even more humiliation.

Am I judging you? No. If it’s just a game to you, you are throwing away your life savings or grocery and rent money. If it is something that controls you, you probably have a problem. But what are your odds? You are more apt to get hit by lighning that to hit the jackpot.

I once heard of a lady who played the lottery and won. She would stay out of work if she won. So much so that the boss would even suspect she was gambling again and sure enough she’d return and say she had however much, the number I heard was $4,000. Now, to me, if she were smart. She would have went on to work. Saved that money, invested it. What about college, if she had children? In the long run, I think she lost. Her fun was temporary and without a strong union, her job would have been gone.

A neighbor moved to one of those towns where the gambling is, near Louisiana and Mississippi. I once had a concersation about a man who won $10,000. Then lost it. The comment was, ” It wasn’t really his, anyway. ” But here was a stunned sort of look when I replied, ” It was while he had it. ” He should have quit while he was ahead. Gambling can be compulsive and addicted like anything else.

I certainly don’t mind having fun, and the joy of the Lord is my strength. I guess that’s why I’m not into it. I like puzzles, but not those mind games people  try to work on you with to manipulate you or psyche you out. I like Jeopardy, and thing that make you think. And I love my Bible journaling and studying.

I like going for a sure thing. Jesus is that sure certainty in life, His love never changes. He is not a gamble, so never take Him or the precious life He gives you for granted. Do you know Him, or just about Him? Don’t ever gamble on your eternity or lose your soul if life has dealt you a bad hand.

There is someone who loves you, take a chance on Him. Maybe, I am a gambler in a way. I have to be certain of my Lord, but I know I’ll never lose, because He died for me, as soldiers cast lots at His feet. Rebecca Jones


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