A Woman of Faith


I had to rethink being a woman of faith. I have been getting lots of prayer requests lately. Many of them for very serious illnesses. I was blessed to see a man go home in a week after a 17 hr. cancer surgery. It was nothing short of miraculous. I know that it means I have to stand in faith for others, and I have to stand for me.

I have to admit getting tired, a little weary in well doing. And I’m having to choose who I can help because there have been some that will still turn away from Jesus back into doubts and He understand that, but unbelief. That’s when He can do no mighty works. So please, send me a request on Pinterest or even in a comment here.

I was blessed by this lady, who I’m not sure how we came to cross paths, other than the Lord did it. She may have been a friend of some of the other friends, she had the same problem I have counseled others with.

Her request was to the point, and she thanked me in advance for the prayers, and me for being, as she put it. ” A woman  of faith. ”  That sort of hit me like a wake up call. I had been dragging a bit but I sprang back to life as I checked my messages late at night, I told my mother about it and I said, I was tired and a little bummed out over other situations that didn’t appear to be going well, but someone, somewhere needed me, and she called me a woman of faith.

Not great faith, though I can get there at times, I used to think I had to be supersized in faith, but I believed Jesus and that was enough for Him. He understood life’s ups and downs and made me ways to escape. The only two people Jesus records with great faith, were people who were not Jews.

The Syro-Phoenician woman had to drop her pretense of entitlement as a Jewess, she pushed Jesus to rid her daughter of a demon, though He chided her. Her faith was great. And then the centurion, as a Roman soldier, he knew you could command a regiment to goand come.  He didn’t need Jesus to even go into His house, as opposed to Jairus. His faith was great. His servant was healed from that hour.

Many people feel entitled though not even a believer. Sometimes, He does heal and forgive to cause others to believe. But He knows your heart, if you want it for the wrong reasons and not His glory, you won’t get it.

Faith is simply believing it before it happens, and saying so in that faith. You don’t have to tell everyone, they may not understand. He will meet yout at beginner faith, strong faith, weak faith and even no faith, just ask Jesus, and expect and answer. It may be verified in His Word or through a minster of a believer, He will convey it and confirm it in you.

It is an honor to pray for those who put their trust in me, but don’t just trust my faith, you have your very own measure and it will grow, you will come under enemy attack, but Jesus will fend off your foes as you begin to speak His words and affirm them over your life.

In closing,  I want to pray for you, as a woman of faith, who does get little tired, a bit cranky, but who loves Jesus. Father, in Jesus name I hold up these precious readers to you from wherever they are, you know their needs, and you know how to shepherd, thank you for being greater in their lives than any foe. Begin to command angels on their behalf, let them start to recieve your peace that has eluded them, your joy, your healing power. Amen. Rebecca Jones / A Woman of Faith





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