Lord, I Need A Miracle!


Do you ever feel as though you just need a miracle or you’re at the end of you rope, even as believer in Christ? Even though you know you are the beloved? Even though you know His great sacrifice paid for your salvation and that it includes healing and angelic protection? Do you still just need one?

I don’t mean a bright spot in your day. I don’t mean a spa day. I mean a total change of scenery or people or job or city, whatever and wherever He takes you to. Or maybe the finances to even accomplish what He’s given you as the desire of your heart?

Have you been so sick for so long and taken communion or fasted, have you been prayed for? Prayed for yourself? Have you had something prophesied over you? And maybe, you feel worse than ever. I’ve been there.

Do you ever feel like you put out one fire and another flares up, whether family situations or bills piling up or one problem after another and no matter what you do the enemy still seems to be winning? I know the feeling.

But let the Lord be God, you take a rest, know He’s in control. It’s not a tug of war, the devil is defeated. Know that whatever you’re going through is temporal even if has been a long time, eternal life is ours as a believer and joy with Jesus forever.

He is faithful, and He will keep His promises, stand firm in faith but know that He is God and He is already prevailed and will make a way where there is none. He knows just what you need and when. Miracles happen, they are in the making right now. They are all around everyday, babies being born, butterflies, the way the clouds wisp across the sky. If you don’t expect them, you just might miss it. Expect a miracle! Rebecca Jones


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