The Puppet Master


Xenie Axamitova -
Xenie Axamitova –

Let’s face it mimes can be annoying, right? That said I have a genuine respect for talent. There are many incredibly gifted performers who take center stage and regale us with stories and creations. But who’s pulling your strings? Are you at the whim of the wicked one, the insidious and heinous puppet master, our adversary, the devil or do you enjoy life abundantly with Jesus a much gentler and kinder Master?

The devil knows exactly which string to tug at, a heart string, perhaps? Broken dreams, lost or unrequieted love. Does he keep you in worry or fear, making you bounce from place to place  and fall all over yourself trying to succeed? Are you bound up in cords that fray or break? Is everything in your world coming undone, or at least appear to be?

God is still in control. The threefold cord is hard to break, marriage or covenant. He is on the throne. He is not punishing you for the past if you are a believer, He wants you to be bless you. He is not yanking your chain or slinging you from one belief to another, His love is unwavering, His Word is infallible. He lifts you from the floor and sets you apart, you are not called to fit in but to stand out. You are His creation, not a puppet, not an automaton, another copy. He gives you free will.

Jesus loves you. God, the Father created you and you are a masterful work of art. But you must choose who to follow the wicked puppet master who comes to kill, steal and destroy. John 10:10 Or are you following the Lord? Seeking His joy and peace? Strings break and puppets are crumpled heaps on the floor, lifeless, loveless, speechless, pieces of clay unable to move unless the devil allows them to, he has stolen dreams, health, friendships and separated kindred spirits.

Then the Master, Jesus, finds us, molds us, makes us breathes His Spirit and life back into a worn soul. We don’t need strings, in Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28. The enemy is real in the spiritual arena, the father of lies and accuser, he is a defeated Pinnochio. A defeated foe, because another man wore the strings, was bound and beaten, a crumpled heap of human flesh chose to save us.

You will never find mercy at the puppet master’s feet. But you will at the feet of Jesus, even the High Priest had a cord yied to him in case he died in God’s glory. And we are priviledged to stand in it. No one has to drag us from the Mercy Seat, where Jesus, our High Priest sits, we don’t have to juggle or spin or balance it all at once. We are at His mercy, and it is new every morning.

I choose the risen Master. I have been tugged and yank and spun around in all directions for too long. And just to show you I’m not really so down on mimes. I ask you watch the following clips featuring Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell. They were especially gifted performers, Lorene passed away in 2010, and Robert is an artist. Robert Shields may be the real puppet master, in a good sense of the word.

Please enjoy Shields and Yarnell…


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