Rail, But Not Prevail



When the devil was cast out of heaven, Michael, the archangel did not have to rail on him. He just went. Do you ever catch yourself railing? I have. But it’s a favorite weapon of the enemy, so let’s not fall for it.

What is railing? To keep on and on, with questions arguments, and things that should be settled, forever. Like with husbands and wives, there is a covenant between mankind and God. The vows are taken when you walk the aisle and accept Jesus as Lord. You are now part of the church, the Bride of Christ, whether or not you are a man or woman makes no difference, the church collectively is the Bride of Christ and figuratively called a she.

God knows what you are. He created you. But He recognizes heart that belong to Him. And gender doesn’t factor into that. He created men and women with the qualities that are the best for them ans a couple in Christ are the very best God has to offer. It takes some study, but when you have His peace in a matter, trusting Him is more rest, less effort.

Men should be sensitive, and understanding. Women should be strong and a force to be reckoned with. But God never meant for gender to become crossed over or a choice, unless there was some medical reason to be decided at birth.

But we are talking about railing, it’s all over the internet, was rampant in elections. Do people really care about the truth? Can they even tell it, if they are hearing it. There is a lot of evil and fear in the world, but there is still a lot of love.

And there is still time to win people to His Kingdom. If we will all step back, start listening, stop railing against the government and each other. The devil will rail, ” Are you sure your saved? Did God tell you that? Look at so and so, you’re not that good. ”

Get the idea, he will get in your head, your heart if you let him hurt you. And he’s a tormentor, and he enjoys it. And he’s a liar, and he’s happy if you believe him. But He is not our focus, Jesus is.

So let him rail, you don’t have to listen. You don’t have to question your confidence in God or His in you. The burdens Jesus bore, He bore for you and me. He finished it and we must do the same, forget a courtroom and a glove, and the slick lawyer’s quip that people still use. If you’re forgiven you are His, so stop listening to the accuser, you are sincere believer, right. The court of heaven says, ” Not guilty. ” So let the devil rail, he will not prevail. Rebecca Jones


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