Do You Know?


Do you know the truth? If you know Jesus, you do. He declared Himself, the Way, the Truth and the Life.  He also said He’d send the Holy Spirit, whom He called the Spirit of Truth.

There once was a time I could not discern or separate the thoughts and feelings I had about the truth. I was a walking basket case full of condemnation and guilt and shame that the Lord had already taken for me, by wearing a crown of thorns and by having His back slashed.

When I was in a lot of physical pain,  I cried out for healing. I knew He was the healer. My back was bad. I was overweight. I never wanted surgeries. I didn’t like doctors. It was almost as if the enemy dared me to be healed.

I let other people’s expectations and judgments about me cloud and even shroud mine. I was told I was smart why not join an insurance firm? I didn’t want to. I’m creative, called and crowned. I was miserable number crunching, I have been reading law, It just confuses you after a while.

Though the Lord has given me grace to learn about some things, He wanted me  to focus on what I was good at. I was good with words, and in spite of believing I must be doing something wrong or my life would be different. I sought Him and loved Him.

Now I know it is because I had promises sown in my heart from long ago. I doubted me, but I knew He could do anything. I never had unbelief about Him, but I did wonder about healing. Now, I know I was trying to have great faith instead of having a great God. I just knew He could help me and that He would. But when? Why was I suffering. I didn’t know the Truth.

He wasn’t punishing me, trying to make me diet or look a certain way, go to a certain church or believe like old time religion or crazy charismania, that sometimes looks like a frenzied rock concert. ( Please know that I am not judging, it’s just that I have been walked over, looked through, stepped on and thrown under the proverbial bus enough, for believing Jesus heals. ) Why not everybody? There are probably like me, identifying with a crucified Jesus., instead of a Loving High Priest.

They don’t know how to discern the voice of the accuser, who has no right, but will still twist and condemn every word you profess, as a believer. In your mind, heart, out of the mouths of others. What people don’t know is how much these words hurt those who love, who have God’s love.

I have found this to be true of me. But words can only affect you, if you let them. They will sour in your belly, and you regurgitate them in questioning, and rethinking, rehashing why it happened. You replay the scenarios though you forgive. How could they do that and they walk blindly on? You can hold other’s sins and have a belly full of bitterness and belch the negativity of doubt and unbelief.

This happens to abuse victims, wives, children, even sons. But this isn’t the case with some people though we are all affected by words. Some people prate, rave, spout Scripture or four letter words and it just fills the air. It goes nowhere, in and ear, out the other.

Though His Word never returns void, God declares a thing and it is so. He calls life to the dead. Faith without works is dead. But works do not save us. He gave us work to do, His was finished on the cross. I’m trying to finish mine. I here to tell you how much He loves you, more than you know.

Words have delayed me, stalled me, scalded me. But now when that wicked one knocks at the door of my heart, Jesus can answer, I let him in a long time ago. And I know the truth, He loves me, He won’t leave me. He is for me. He thinks many thoughts toward me, Has plans, good plans. Listen  quietly for the truth. Rebecca Jones



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