Watching Your Wait


Has God made you a promise? One from His word or a ” Rhema ” word or something specific prophesied over you. I heard these words from the Holy Spirit.  Watch Your Weight, is what I thought.

I’ve tried and failed on lots of diets, but that wasn’t what He was talking about, it was watch your wait. We are waiting for things to come to pass, we all have fruit to bear. I had a dream where I had lots of fruit but it was frozen. I guess like an account.

I know there have been enemy attack lately, goofy things like toilet repairs and a leaky roof, never ending clutter. I can’t get it moved. The more I donate, the more I have and the dust. Then there have been serious family illnesses and some emotions that run the gambit but also many blessing in the mix.

While I wait for Him to strip away the enemy attacks, I glean from the fields the handfuls on purpose and wait for Jesus, my kinsman Redeemer. The watch I’m supposed to keep is  a vigil I suppose, perhaps like the watchman on the wall, who guards a city. I must deflect attack with a shield of faith.

Then again I wonder if her means merely to remain in His rest and allow Him to watch over the wall as I continue to walk around them, like Jericho, it is His hand that will crush the fortress or fear and doubt and any evil that has been sown by the enemy toward me.

Whatever the case, He will make it clear. So I watch, and I wait. My prayers and patience and even fasting have paid off in the Spirit. He will show me the way, He is in the wait with me, always loving and never failing.

The Prince of Peace is coming soon, I will watch and wait and worship in every breath. Rebecca Jones


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