When God Keeps House

Why would God want to keep house? Well, He would give a clean home a God Housekeeping seal of approval. He actually has taken up residence in our hearts if we accept Jesus and it is by the Holy Spirit, we are sealed.

All puns and kidding aside, Jesus tells of the parable of the lost coin and the woman who sweeps until she finds it. It is also a picture of how He attempts to draw people to Him, much like the return of the prodigal son.

Jesus also explains how demons are cast out and roam and return with seven worse than before. Why? Because the problem was not dealt with, there was still bitterness or anger at the root. There could have been unforgiveness, there are many ways that we can fail to walk in love and joy, peace, also the good health He took many lashes to redeem us with.

They are put out with salvation, casting down imaginations that exalt themselves again God’s Word. If you know you should forgive, do it. If you keep secrets from others, you do not hide your thoughts or actions from God. You body is home to the Holy Spirit who helps you to pray. Don’t grieve Him by refusing to walk in God’s best. Let Him sweep the cobwebs from your mind and heart on a regular basis.

Examine your thoughts and actions regularly, if you have to avoid certain people and places, it is better to do that than to walk in the darkness of sin and shame or even omission, failing to love, to give, to be cheerful and to bear much fruit.

For the enemy to enter he has to bind the strongman, the devil cannot bind Jesus but he can keep us bound in so many ways. And remember, once a problem is gone, let it go. Don’t take it back, or it just gets worse. Let fear go! Worry, all those feelings of guilt, anything the devil can hurt you with he will, And he uses believers and nonbelievers alike, because we, even as believers aren’t privy to certain things and fall into accusing and condemnation, when Jesus is not all about that.

How did the madman end up with so many demons. He lived in a a place where there was a lot of demonic activity. He remained among the tombs, though no one could bind him, he was bound. Seriously bound, even pigs did not want those demons and rather have died. He doesn’t want people suicidal.

Should you think this is a lot of nonsense, I can understand that. I once would not have thought the devil could do so much against a believer. But he can and will if you allow him to. Watch and guard what you say and hear, there are many doors that can be opened, even lending an ear to gossip. Close doors and let God open windows. Get rid of anything that is sinful, He will show you. You don’t have to throw out every book or movies, but some definitely should go. He will guide you. watch you you invite over and have as guests.

Never talk to demons or go trying to cast out everything, the devil isn’t omnipotent or behind every rock. Sometimes, it’s just us, we have believed his lies, and remember them and some people are just obstinate.  Be sure to study and discern the Word, rightly dividing the Word. Ask the Holy Spirit for help.

Don’t worry about names like Legion, forget it. Don’t let them get a word in, or argue with the devil. We know who gets the last word no matter how much he accuses, he’s a liar, the father of lies, whatever he says is a lie, even if there is a hint of truth to it. Devious, deceptive, trickery…destroyer.

God has him on a short leash ready to put him in the lake of fire, so let’s let God keep our houses clean, sweep out anything that needs to go, wash us clean with the pure water of the living word, dry us with the wind of the Spirit. I plead the blood deeply  over us our minds and hearts our very souls.

And in Jesus name whose name is greater than any  other name, who gives us authority to trample over serpents and scorpions and whatever else, and promises no harm to us, I pray and ask him to send holy angels to bind these enemies of God’s people and those who need His protection, put them into chains and outer darkness so they will not return and forbid the devil’s retaliation, for we can do nothing without you. Bind them and release them from their assignments, cancel their orders.

Rebuke and revoke their licenses in the heavenlies. Fill our atmosphere with you angels on their assignments, their missions of mercy, send your gentleness and your power. And let our homes be a place or rest and worship, the rest of Psalm 91.

You can organize and reorganize, clean the closets of your heart and mind as well. You can have literal clutter and spiritual clutter. I had a lot of stuff but had it organized. Illness left me some clutter, Goodwill gets a lot of donations. Having yard sales have not been so successful for me, just a lot of hard work.

I am updating this and honestly my desk is a mess and laundry is sitting folded in a basket. I have heard women say they put things in the dryer and other places to hide them when company comes. Lived in is one thing, hoarding and messy is another. Our surroundings do affect us, God needs to keep house. Both literally and spiritually.

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