Doors and Windows


We’ve all heard the saying, ” When God closes a door, He opens a window. ” and even while your waiting on it to stand in the hall. A few weeks ago my aunt sent me a funny e-card. A couple is asleep in bed, suddenly, the window opens, and old guy with a beard leans in and says, ” Howdy. ” as they scream to the top of their lungs. I doubt God does that. But He will often send dreams and messages, sometimes, night visions.

Don’t believe everyone about their dreams or visions. Check it with the Word and rightly divide interpretations. Even well meaning people can be wrong. And the devil has a plethora of falsehoods. Recently, I explained a dream I had about being at the shopping mall.

It just means there’s a lot going on right now, a lot on my plate, I need to make good decisions. Harmless enough, even I if were wrong. But some dreams are not so harmless, spiders, snakes, alligators, all can have demonic meanings. Many dream interpretation books are not Biblical and can lead you astray, so be careful. But Joseph, actually both Josephs had dreams,  Peter had a vision, and while it says trance, praying the Spirit or tongues is a better way of describing it. Trance implies hypnotism.

While Jesus can be mesmerizing. It’s not the same. And even that word comes from the name of a man who “cured ” ills in the 19th century. All he really did was to calm them down, quiet them, have them to be still, all familiar in Scripture, all things God decrees are necessary to healing. It is not the same as these parlor games or tricksters.

And I don’t like the term faith healer. Healing is a matter of faith but Healing Minister is better, one who can direct yout to Jesus the true Healer. Yes, there are dreams, and visions. Open visions, after Christ came. Samuel said there were none in his day, he heard the still small voice of God, the Holy Spirit, calling his name. So can we. You must ask for and learn to discern gifts of the Spirit. There is one Lord, many gifts, all to benefit the body of Christ. And we are to speak peace to the body of believers as well.

But as for doors, the Bible speaks of doors that open. The one that no man can shut. I have had dreams of doors, at the time I was closing lots of white doors. I had  done all I could as a witness, and God closed that door. His grace can be abused only so long, I know He gives everyone the chance to be saveduntil the last breath, and perhaps even moments after, He is so good. But not everyone believes.

The Bible also describes seers, not fortune tellers, but those who operate in the prophetic. I was in prayer early in the morning hours, I was in and out of sleep so I don’t know if I had a dream or saw into spiritual darkness. That’s why you turn to Jesus. Visions are often colorful and beautiful, glimpses of heaven, or people you may pray for, and sometimes there’s nothing. You are asleep but the Spirit is praying for you, through you.

Many times, these gifts will allow you to see both sides of the spiritual realm, the Holy Spirit is there and guides you, you must not fear. I was sensing darkness, and I had not felt well the day before. I knew something was wrong, a surely a problem had arisen. This was a vague attempt that failed to hurt family members, I found out later. Though I know that may have only been a part of it.  I was led to pray for loved ones. I asked God to closed the doors of death and open the windows of heaven. I have had my own health crisis, I have prayed for others who have.

These are serious doors. Only God can open or close them, in accordance with His will and what we are praying, believing and receiving. We are in a year of restoration, healing, a season of rest before revival or maybe even the rapture of the church. I can not say why some live or die, sometimes, it is just to hard to hold on for some, but God can grant peace for sorrow. Beauty for ashes.

I pray this for you as well, if you are in need. It will take faith, so don’t waver. I catch myself saying first one thing then another. I am not praying for control of another person. I cannot believe for them, nor profess their faith, but for those I love, I pray they hear the still, small, voice like Samuel, being unfamiliar with spiritual gifts.

I pray for God to close the door on death. And open the windows of heaven with the miraculous, as if Jesus were answering prayers and tossing them forth like confetti over the world. He is worthy, and He gets the glory. And we are approaching Pentecost in the Jewish Year, 5777. Rebecca Jones



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