Turn The Other Cheek


What was Jesus talking about here? In the sermon on the mount, He clearly says if you get slapped on one cheek offer the other. It is telling you not to resist evil people, and no, He doesn’t mean not to defend yourselves, either. Although there are connotations to Jewish law and whether or not you are struck with the palm or backhanded, it does have to do with courts and other variables.

It was powerful thing to see Jesus slapped in the movie with Jeremy Sisto and He actually turns the other cheek. The man cannot hit Him and that is the point. While we are to resist the devil and evil in general,  He wants us to set an example for others, the Golden Rule, doing unto others.

Never forget to remind yourself that He is the Prince of Peace here. He walked through all manner of vile, corrupt, and deceptive people, even the religious leaders. You can call them out on it but that’s it. He was setting an example to people so He had to choose His words carefully as we all should.

You know most of the time you would get hit and hit hard if this is practiced the way it reads, but never forget that Jesus looked at people with love, He could openly rebuke or criticize the wrongdoers, and be ready to forgive, forget, not to judge or condemn. He is the same today as then.

He remembers sin no more. Sometimes, I’m even beginning to wonder if He remembers the words we speak that are not useful. I know He has a sense of humor, but all that corrupt communication, He is not happy with it. The Pharisees and Sadducees were always looking for a way to to kill Him, if not pester Him or get Him into debates.

They were always setting traps. We little fishers of men and women fall right in, taking the devil’s bait more often than not. He was not falling for it. Neither should we. We should such exemplary lives that people aren’t try to catch us or trick us or make us out liars. They should want to follow in our footsteps, not slap us, sue us and take or coats.

If they want us to help we are also to go the extra mile, remember, He looked at people with love, love is not keeping score and watching to catch you again, and when we can do these things and turn the other cheek, we will copying the Master. Rebecca Jones




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