A Matter of Life


This painting is entitled ” Contentment “, from 1908 by J. Ellsworth Gross. I was not content with so many things in my life and I have to say I’m not right now. Many of them have to do with other people and their behavior, which is out of my control. It was news to me that you could actually pray ” witchcraft prayers “. Something I do not and will never do.

To try to control someone is a form of witchcraft and I want nothing to do with it. Our prayers are meant to save, heal and protect, not control. God will never force anything, even His love on us. So I can’t do that either. You simply cannot make people do the right thing, they have to want to and God will let the Holy Spirit control our lives, if we allow Him. That way we are certain to make better decisions. He knows the best way even when we do not.

The words we speak are truly, a matter of life or death. We are to follow after love and desire spiritual gifts that we may prophesy. So should we call in reverse the bad, the problems, the disease or death. No, of course not.

And please don’t think I’m talking about spells or curses here. We should never pray things like, ” Whatever it takes for someone to be saved. ” A better prayer is for them to discover the love of God. Pray for their healing, Jesus can save and heal all it once. Sick people are often bitter and angry at God.

I used to be picky about what I said because of the charismatic influences in my life, when I said nothing that was bad. When I said too much, even in faith, it was perceived as a lie. You simply can’t make people believe or love if they aren’t willing.

And then there are those who are willing and struggle with the flesh. That too, causes pain and bitterness. But it can be crucified by that person’s submission to God. I love words, I learn new ones everyday both Scripture and regular.

God did not intend for Christianity to be such a struggle. He intended rest. There is a reason Proverbs says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. We tend to speak death. Let’s pray and speak life. It is a matter of life. And that will be contentment. Rebecca Jones


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