Immersed In Jesus


I don’t swim. I never learned. Actually, I don’t think I ever cared to because, I don’t like sunburn and I’m not into tans. I don’t like our hot, blazing, Georgia summers, when a 104 feels like 130 at the ball park. You can’t touch a steering wheel without getting burned, my flowers usually die, any decoration hanging on my door fades even in winter. You get the picture. I am a fish out of water.

But in the spirit, it is different. As a beloved daughter of the King, I am bathed in the pure waters of salvation, a waterfall of gentle mist takes away all the guilt and shame. I am clothed in a robe of righteousness, white skin in linen, my lips are anointed with the honeycomb of His sweetness. And they burn like the coal of fire that touched those of the prophet. If you follow after love and desire spiritual gifts, you will prophesy, and call forth the goodness of God from His very throne of grace.

And that robe reflects His glory, the golden aura, or pure white light of His peaceful and loving presence. There are scents of beauty, even the Rose of Sharon, Himself, that permeates through my very being. The oil of the Holy Spirit is over me, as is His banner of love.  And though oil and water will not mix in the natural, they coexist perfectly in the Spirit, frequently entwining , entangling and encircling one another into an gentle embrace.

I can’t swim, much less walk on water but I do in spiritual ways. The Prince of Peace surpasses all in love and grace and freely anoints from His pierced hand an outpouring of amazement and joy, that I, when I sit at His feet am calmed by His love, quieted by it,  as my days slip past and problems are solved. I delve into His Word daily, like a diver from a high jump, I can back flip or cannonball right in.

And, yes I walk on through. Waves of love cancel waves of fear and worry. And I am wet even at times drenched in or immersed in Him. The fiery furnaces of faith will not will extinguish the Savior’s grace and peace.

It is worship to be able to imagine your health springing forth in a river of life.  We are not thirsty, we are not alone, we are never alone. He leads me beside still waters and restores my soul. I am immersed if not submerged in Jesus, His love washes over me all day and all night. Rebecca Jones


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