Don’t Give Up Your Seat!

We’ve all heard the story of how Rosa Parks would not give up her seat on  the bus. Did you know a 15 yr old tried it first and was arrested, not many people do. So why are we giving up our seats? Why do we give our rest, seated with Him a heavenly place?

You heard me right our chairs, or seats or even thrones if you will? We give them up every day with cares and worries and the arguments of doctrine and our church does it this way or that. There are people who don’t like contemporary music. Some are opposed to hymns. I have even heard of churches with no music. What?

I didn’t really know that lady who attended there, but she was a neighbor of someone else’s. She also played with ouija boards and her daughter had major drug problems. Why give up music? The occult was much worse!

Why read tea leaves or read fortune cookies when you have the promise of Jesus beaten body and Holy Communion? You’re giving up your seat. Why pray for the sick and then plan what you wear to the funeral. You’re giving up your seat.

Why ask the Lord for something and then keep wondering why you didn’t get it. Maybe, you never thanked Him even though it hadn’t come yet. So a doubt creeps in, did you trip over a chair and into unbelief. You gave up your seat.

People are willing to sacrifice a lot of things, family, marriages, and homes, just to get ahead to struggle day in and out to stay ahead of the Jones, ( not me 🙂 ) you get up early and stay up late and you know you are His beloved. You gave up your seat, again.

Now wonder people look as those they are bobbing up and down or nodding off during the sermon. I always thought those pews were hard. But I wasn’t resting in Him, I gave up my seat.

I like contemporary, but I like hymns. I like mass. But I guess I was sort of too slow or some were too fast, I gave up my seat. I thought I had done something wrong and I was sure that’s why my healing was delayed. Wrong! Take a seat.

Stop laying hands on the television, stop trying to jump up and down. You were healed by love. Just love and let Him love you. He always will love you more than you can Him, He’s perfect, we haven’t arrived. Take a seat.

At a convention once, a lady got very bossy about saving a seat. She wasn’t necessarily rude, I’ve seen rude though, the “me first” types that might be one of the nine that left not being thankful, who knows? She saved her chair, but did she give up her seat.

Jesus says we are seated with Him in heavenly places. He also warned us not to let our crowns be taken. So why would we get out of our heavenly seats. It’s a place of comfort and rest. Jesus is seated at the Father’s right hand.  Why does He get up? He stood to receive Stephen. He called to Saul, He is the High Priest.

You have to have a good reason to move from your place of rest, and then your rest remains with you for He is our rest, our peace. And you can’t sit around chilling and expect to be saying, ” Please devil, leave me alone. ” Because he won’t.

The more you’re disturbing him with your prayer life and your laid back love of Jesus, he will steal his way in. Bind him, cancel his demonic assignments against your family. As a believer, you can walk, even waltz right over those serpents and scorpions. Hang out your sign that says ” Do Not Disturb! ” Don’t let anyone disturb your peace, no matter what is going on, take a moment, take a breath, and resist him, not the Lord’s rest, that should rest upon you.

I used to have a big red chair. It came with a big red couch. Oh, it wasn’t blood red or anything. It was burgundy, a few gold stripes here and there both large and small. I miss my chair. I called it God’s chair. I must have been sitting in His lap. I used to read and rest and study there. My mother gave it away, and got a new chair. I hate that chair. It’s not my prayer chair. I gave up my seat. But it blessed someone.

It is not the chair but the anointing. I once heard a story of a man who had a heavy anointing, but he was also heavy. No one could find him a chair, how sad. He would have fit in mine, it was over sized. King sized, isn’t His glory and presence heavy and  thick at times, and so sweet and gentle at others?

I never forgot that story. I never forgot my chair. I never forget the courage it takes to take a stand, whether people ever know your name or not. Your precious Lord thought you were worth saving. He invited you to His table. He is the Host but He seated you in a heavenly place of rest. Feast with Him and on His Word, take Holy Communion. Nothing is as important. Don’t give up your seat! Rebecca Jones


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