Mother’s Day In Heaven

I hope you didn’t see the title and decide not to read this. It is not meant to hurt but heal. Not to make you cry but to laugh. Can you really imagine Mother’s Day in heaven? I can. One year I had to help make plastic trash bag carnations to give away at church, they were red or white. Women wore them as corsages.

But even if you have a white flower, don’t despair. Enjoy your day with loved ones and know your mother will be celebrating as a believer in heaven. Even if you never knew her or her beliefs, you can rejoice in the goodness of God, that He is merciful to all who call.

There will still be tea parties. Cookies baking. A picnic on the greenest of lawns. There is music, there is always music. An angelic symphony of love. Pets will run and play, flowers galore. No need to make them out of scented trash bags. The real things is nicer. And the heavenly kind are nicer still.

There will be all mothers from all places and generations. There will still be carriage rides and carousels. Laughter, the smell of popcorn in butter ans cotton candy in all colors. The lakes will fill with gentlemen rowing ladies and ducks and swans will perhaps momentarily catch a glimpse of feather in a hat and see the lace parasols as they cross to the other shores.

There will be baseball games and badminton. Rocking chairs and rocking horses. Nurseries full of flowers and nurseries full of children, all behaving all happily getting along and sharing. They won’t tear their books or color on the walls, even if they did it would just vanish, because heaven is not housework and laundry, it is not lazy but luxurious.

People will work in heaven, even though it is a place of rest. resting would get old eventually, but His mercies are still new every morning. there is much to teach and much to learn. Many people to share testimonies. Many songs yet to be written and sung and performances to give, you will have the best seat in the house and give command performances for the King.

There are still gardens and vineyards and heavenly wine would not be alcoholic but deliciously intoxicating, with a deep purple grape flavor and aroma. There are so many dinners and feasts, never fasting or famine. Wonderful fruits and fanciful desserts, there will be cooks and chefs and bakers.

There will musicians and singers, harpists both human and angelic. There will be artists and craftsmen and jewelers and bookstores, libraries. Think of your best memory ever and it will be there, whether it is mountain climbing or standing in waterfalls. Beaches or balloon rides, nothing is too hard for God.

You might even spend the day with Eve, or Hannah or Mary. There a lots of baby stories to tell. So don’t spend this day alone or in pain over missing someone. Just know that God is love and He loves mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!


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