Catch A Butterfly, Mother…


All children love to be outdoors. Personally, I have been on lots of bug hunts. Honestly, I was partial to snails. I like to watch them slog along, taking life easy but not lazily. They don’t appear to be as smart or busy as an ant but they don’t look worried.

Walking sticks just stand there, you can barely distinguish them from a real stick but now and again they would hop up on my screened in porch. I wish I still had one. The azaleas would bloom and my poodles would be outside, I fed the birds, I would open the family daycare and while my little caterpillars ate up muffins, and macaroni and their fair share of cereal, fruit and cookies, they were stuffing life into the first few years, including learning about Jesus, and finally they became butterflies.

The back yard was bug world. And bird watching. Magnifying glasses and toy binoculars gave way to lemonade and ice cream. It was on any given day a golf course or jungle. Hot July days under the sprinkler in swimsuits would turn to fall and we would have to rake, and send some butterflies back to school.

There was no shortage of crayons or glue. Coloring and cutting. Costumes and birthday parties. The children who grew up here had something others did not always get to benefit from, here was Jesus.

We watched hours of videos, sang countless praises, prayed for parents and loved ones. We helped many, lost some to age or cancer. People came and went but were ministered to still. The children had  a faith foundation. They had a Jesus background. They knew they were loved. They were disciplined and corrected. They left and came back at least some, and for a while.

Wherever these butterflies landed, they were taught to be free in Jesus, to rest in His love, even though I wasn’t familiar with that back then. Nap time brought rest and sowed righteousness, little seeds of love Jesus planted as I spent time with them. and we with Him.

I never caught butterflies. They come and go around me. Usually, in pairs, they dance playfully alone, they don’t mind being chased. They can out soar you, at least until you find new life in Jesus and He makes you soar. So whether or not it’s on Mother’s Day, sometime in the spring or summer, spend some time outside with the birds and bees and flowers, and even if you can’t, try to catch a butterfly mother, even if it’s only your own little one. Rebecca Jones


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