A Mother’s Prayer

There are lots of prayer boards out there. I pin to a lot of Christian boards, pray for people regularly on Facebook, even though I only started recently. There always some kind of prayer that someone has posted, for healing or deliverance. Even for parents or for children.

But while there may some that are specific to situations, I’m not talking about those. This is more along the things that Mary would have kept and pondered in her heart. We all have dreams. We have all had rejections ad disappointments. But he Lord says that though we make plans He orders steps.

I think I may have went around the same old mountain or the walls of Jericho too many times. Maybe, I just opted for the high road, I have always felt like the passenger on an ocean liner that is sinking and I’m telling others that they are going the wrong way. I never really asked my mother her dreams for me.

But I can give you a few ideas of what a mother’s prayer should be. She would always want her baby warm and fed, but she should also want the warmth of God’s love to warm him/her, like being rocked in a cradle, by a warm fireplace on a snowy night, and the he drink the milk eat the honey of His Word to taste and see how good He is.

Of course she would want a loving father, why not a Heavenly one. She would always want her baby clean and diapered and no rash, with crisp new nappies and lots of little clothes and toys, snuggling blankets and lots of little stuffed creatures to keep baby company. She would want a baby to be clean and pure in spirit, to keep joy and security, to stay unblemished, like a woolly lamb, baby  is soft and cuddly.

The nursery is a veritable Garden of Eden with animals and fruits and vegetables even if they come in a container or chopped into bites and put on a high chair. God walks here in the morning and every night. He never sleeps so the beloved can in heavenly peace. There may not be a river, but there’s a tub and shampoo that won’t sting baby’s eyes. Lot of bubbles anoint the little one daily or every  other day to not make baby’s skin too dry, he/she is anointed with baby oil. And patted on the back to sleep.

And above baby’s head is a mobile and music, and a merry go round, and on the ceiling stars in lights, so baby will not fear the dark. But God dwells in time and space and aren’t stars in the distance of space in the night sky, so why be afraid? Pray for baby to have angels who also sometimes called stars to come and sing and guard the nursery, encamp around and enfold feathers of protection. Pray Psalm 91 and Psalm 56:3, so baby will know not to fear to trust.

Pray as many verse as you want, pray for Jesus to walk beside baby and that the baby will not forget the beauty of heaven from where he/she came. We are so careful hold and feeding and would never drop the baby, why would He? He will not. And nothing can pluck or snatch us from that powerful love. So what is a mother’s prayer, whatever you want it to be, with a few little suggestions from me. Rebecca Jones


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