Mother’s Day Gifts


What  is the perfect Mother’s Day gift? A scarf? That’s what  I got mine, it has a beautiful verse on it. I have given her pedicure certificates and perfume. I have colored her hair. And of course, I wrote her poems.

How about a spiritual gift, offer a prayer for her, stand in for Communion. He is listening to your requests and He knows what your mother needs most. Maybe, its not a gift at a ll of a gift certificate. But a lasting, spiritual experience.

She doesn’t need a watch, she needs to spend time with you. Not just a photograph but to see you in person, not an e-card but a phone call, to hear your voice. She has lots of jewelry and that is nice but she needs the jewels of her crown, her family.

Don’t buy her just any book, but a Bible, or maybe, she would like to do the coloring or journaling. And there are many good books by my fellow bloggers to tell her how special she is. She needs to hear that, every day. From everyone and mean it.

You want her make her day. Do the laundry or dishes. And without being asked. Take out the trash. Walk the dog. If you are a little one, pick up your toys, go to bed without a hassle. Put dirty clothes in the hamper.

If the whole family pitches in there is time for a game or puzzle or reading together, or a good family movie. Even a night out for pizza or ice cream.

Mother needs a fruit basket. A rose. Real ones and fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness and self control. She needs all these and time to enjoy her life and family to give and to be giving to others and time to rest also.

And she needs the Rose of Sharon, Jesus, plant her a rose in the yard. Plant her a whole garden, but make sure to plant Jesus in her heart and water her soul with love, His words and the Holy Spirit. And there are gifts of the Spirit that only He can give.  And personally, I believe there may be more gifts, now in these days,as He pours out His Spirit, even more than the Bible records. He is God after all, and can do a new thing anytime, He wants to. Rebecca Jones

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