Mothers and Daughters


What about mother/daughter relationships? I have heard some people say their mothers are hard to get along with, some I read are estranged. Some people envied my relationship with mine, but we have had our differences. Not everyone will always see eye to eye.

Things are relative and about perception and deception. we often deceive ourselves with diluted impressions and emotions. Insults are taken in and rooted into bitterness, criticism, rejection. We are supposed to be good ground and stay that way, and not allow the enemy’s tactics to divide us.

We have enough of trouble from other ways. We need spiritual and moral support from our families and especially our mothers. That is not to say that we are putting a lot on our mothers, it was all already upon Jesus.

He gave mothers, a particularly divine gift of being devoted and loving but like roaring tigress when their young are attacked. He often lays prayers on our hearts for our children, for loved ones. Even if it is not specific, it’s a knowing.

Usually, when I feel that way, it comes across clearer and clearer in prayer. I had a very specific word for someone a few days ago. It started as a dream, it involved a mother and child and a tragedy. But the word was for someone else. At first, the dream told me to pray for someone by profession and by name. I thought I had.

A few days later, I was impressed again by a story I read. I realized who this person was and reached out to him as the Lord instructed me to. If you can learn to walk in the Spirit by faith and discern, the blood of Jesus will protect you. It is paramount to pray and plead that precious blood of Jesus over children. And over ourselves.

Make sure to talk to them, not texting, not in e-mail but one on one conversation. It’s okay to disagree, get angry and sin not. But communication is the key. Talking is not always the whole answer, but it is a start.

My mother and I are two different people, she tells me so. But we like a lot of the same things and we love the same Lord, unfortunately, that had been an issue with some. Faith, hope and love, will make it work. We can never change other but we can change our minds, hearts and reactions.

Love never fails, so God doesn’t. If we love Him why should we? Mothers and daughters have a rare and special bond. Mine is more like a sister at times, at others she has been alone and distant and depression and over work, maybe even grief  was filling her life. I have had my moments too, living in my writer world and reality didn’t always mesh, serving Jesus,  I still felt like a lost lamb at times.

But the best thing about it was God was there, He was filling it as well, and He knows just where to pour the oil of the Holy Spirit and where to bandage or stitch a lonely or broken heart. Reach out your mother this week and reach out to Jesus on her behalf, He understand what it is to be human, and holds a special place in His heart for women, mothers and daughters. Rebecca Jones


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